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Ultima: The Savage Empire (English Translation) SNES

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: March 14, 2024
Downloads: 19

Translation made by behindtimes, based on work by Slashi.

From behindtimes on reddit:

"Game played to completion. I didn't find all the different weapons and armor in the game, so some of them may have the incorrect name. But the full game should be playable.

The numbers are still off, but I don't care. It's a tiny part of ugliness. I'm just an amateur at this, so as long as it's playable, that's what I'm more concerned about. It's been nearly 30 years without an English translation, so if it's playable, that's what's important.

There were certain differences between the PC version and the Super Famicom version. I don't know if the SFC version is just plain wrong, or it's just a difference between the SFC & PC version.

For example, one spot I'm currently stuck in is the Orchid boss. In the PC version, they say it's a green plant, and in the SFC version, they say it's a red plant. And it's green on the PC, and red on the SFC. Later on, one of the directions in Kotl says to go right on the PC, and left on the SFC, but I haven't gotten there yet.

And the reason I say it might be buggy, is because this game has quite a few bugs, well, mistakes. For example, near the beginning, when you don't know the Urali location, one of the NPCs just tells you where they are, in the official Japanese version (and he shouldn't know where it is at this point). And there were multiple keywords that were just not included, some of which should have been. There's one spot, where if you do part of a quest before you talk to the NPC, he doesn't tell you the next step. So I added some of this back to the English version.

Worst case scenario, hopefully any bugs should be quick to fix."

Filename: Ultima - Kyouryuu Teikoku (Japan).sfc
CRC-32: dddb20ad
SHA-1: c1702689d6946983bd8fec54231c514dd44c4cf7
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