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Super Mario Kart - Horizons is a comprehensive hack of the original game that sets off to provide new and familiar experiences to fans of the classic title! This hack has been meticulously crafted, with fine attention to detail in every change, aiming to deliver a unique and high-quality experience. SMK - Horizons Features: 20 New Race Tracks & 4 New Battle Tracks: Each track has been thoroughly tested to ensure playability and attention to detail, making every track feel unique. 7 Brand New Themes and Revamped Rainbow Road: Custom graphics elevate the look and feel of the game, providing...

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From now on you can create your own news, some of these will be featured on the home page. Make sure to take advantage of this feature to announce your project and new releases. How does it work? Head over to the Submit page and choose News. that's it! What can I include? besides the text data in rich format you can include: Screenshots, YouTube embeds, The link to the release page here at RHDO and an external link. Where will they show? A excerpt of each news will show up on the home page, on the news archives and...

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