Romhacks community share your hacks with the world

Rules & Guidelines

Not Allowed:

  1. ROM files. Only patches (does not apply to homebrew).
  2. Homebrew or unlicensed games that are currently being sold.
  3. Shock/Political hacks or hacks with the purpose of offending others.
  4.  Adult content (there are plans to allow “uncensor” hacks that may include nudity).


  1. Non-English hacks
  2. Translations of Homebrew
  3. AI translations
  4. PC hacks/mods
  5. Next-Gen platforms mods
  6. Works by unknown/anon people
  7. Works by people MIA
  8. Texture Packs
  9. Works you are not author of (as long as the author isn’t against it)


  1. Always search before adding something, it might already be on the site.
  2. When typing game titles make sure to use “Title Case”, when unsure copy GameFAQs title.
  3. Don’t put hash data on the description, there’s a dedicated box for hashes.
  4. Descriptions must be in English. For non-English hacks you can have both versions: one in the hack language and one in English.
  5. Put at least a screenshot, use native resolution when possible. 3+ would be even better.
  6. Try to put screenshots that showcase the work, if the work is not graphical use original screenshots. Mobygames is a great source for them.
  7. If you upload a readme.txt file (separate file from the it will be readable in the page, this is a good way to get people to read it.