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Hoshi Wo Miru Hito (English Translation) NES

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: November 21, 2023
Downloads: 33

This is an addendum to KingMike’s unfinished English translation patch of Stargazers/Hoshi wo Miru Hito that fully translates all text in and outside of battle, replaces most of the previous script with a faithful retranslation, and fixes issues such as incorrect skill/item names displaying in menus.

As this is an addendum hack, you must first apply KingMike’s hack to an unmodified Japanese ROM, then apply this one second.

ROM SHA-1: 81CADEF9E857181483C0E8B1900FC00E591635F4
brandnewscooby Translation
brandnewscooby Hacking insertion of new dialogue and some small fixes
KingMike Original Hacking
odino Original Translation
Stargazers (Hoshi wo Miru Hito) Improved English Translation Released 11/21/2023 --------------------------------------------- This is an improvement to KingMike's Stargazers (Hoshi wo Miru Hito) English hack that aims to pick up where he left off and make the game completely playable in English. Differences from his hack: -All of the remaining untranslated text, both in and outside of battle, has been translated and implemented. The game should be playable from start to finish in full English now. No more mojibake! -Completely rewrote most of the existing script as it was rife with translation and typographical errors. -Items have the correct names now. (for example "Oxygen Pipe" no longer displays as "Bomb") -A bug that caused the ESP menu to display the incorrect names for skills has been fixed. I've also included a fully translated HTML version of the original manual in the extras folder, as well as a mini step-by-step walkthrough. Check it out! *****Instructions for installing the patch:***** 1. Make sure you have a *HEADERED* Japanese Hoshi wo Miru Hito ROM. 2. Since this is an addendum hack, download the original patch ( and apply either version as instructed in the readme, expanding the PRG ROM with a tool like nflate first. 3. Just apply this patch to the already-patched ROM and you're done! !!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!! This hack doesn't play nice with certain emulators. I've had success in Mesen, Nestopia, and Mednafen, but has garbled graphics in fceux and maybe some others. Try it with the ones I listed, and if you're still having an issue, you may have made a mistake when patching the ROM, so double check that you followed the steps correctly. (It's also been tested to work on hardware, but I can't speak for every flashcart.) --------------------------------------------- Known issues: One MAJOR issue I had occur which is that dying on the field (from damage floors or poison) seems to crash the game occasionally in places? I've only had it occur in the Ark City overworld, but as I can't reproduce it consistently, it may occur elsewhere. I had the same issue in KingMike's version, so it's probably an issue carried over. Should probably savestate often in these areas as a cautionary measure. Sorry :( some other minor issues: -a few relatively unobtrusive bugs that were present in the original romhack like glitchy graphics in the password menu and the cursor scrolling further than it should -Names cut off in certain menus (revival menu, ark city weapon stores) and when dying on the field (ex: "Shi died.") -wrong enemy names in the targeting menu during encounters with certain groups (for example White Gator showing as Dona when encountered with Burst Brain, but not in other groups where it's encountered) I don't have a lot of ROMhacking expertise, so anything beyond simple fixes is beyond my skillset but I'll try to look into these eventually... --------------------------------------------- Contact: brandnewscooby on romhacking dot net OR suwakosniceboat (at) gmail (dot) com --------------------------------------------- General tips for starting out: - DON'T BUY THE RAY GUN!! Or any weapons in the starting town for that matter. In this game, fighting unarmed does 0~3 points of damage, but buying weapons means defense gets factored in, and most enemies have a ridiculously high defense stat. Weapons CANNOT BE REMOVED, AND will be saved by the game, so it's easy to softlock yourself this way. Enemies don't start having HP in the double digits until midgame anyhow. (By the way, the Gyro SP is the strongest weapon despite the Plasma Gun costing more...?) - If you get stuck anywhere (such as entering the south dungeon too early, or locking yourself behind a door without the right ID Card) just save and reset, since it'll put you at the starting location no matter where you were when you saved. -Don't forget you can use Shiba's Jump skill on the overworld for fast travel between towns! It'll come in handy a LOT. -Walls destroyed by Minami's Break skill won't trigger encounters when walked on. This will give you a way easier time in some dungeons.
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