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Mappy – 30th Anniversary Edition (NES) Romhack

Hack Name: Mappy - 30th Anniversary Edition
Hack of:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: November 6, 2015
Type of Hack: Music
Downloads: 41

In recognition of the 30th anniversary of Mappy by Namco, Makimura Manufacturing has released a patch which converts the sound engine of the original Mappy by taking the old NROM mapper and replacing it with the NAMCOT 106 mapper used in Mappy Kids. The sound in the game is a closer resemblance to its arcade counterpart.

File: Mappy (J) [!].nes
CRC-32: 3f0e8e0a
MD5: b0ba60bc0866efc73ccd62defc0120d5
SHA-1: 30a06c63f13d33dc5bb307f15d4be7d4478740af
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