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R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital (Spanish Translation) PlayStation

Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: December 22, 2023
Downloads: 30

This patch translates the game from Japanese to Spanish.

The events of R?MJ take place in the summer of 1999. Hajime and Tomowo rush to the S.T.G. Hospital after hearing their friend Ryo was in a suspicious motorcycle accident, but they’re trapped in the hospital after an explosion seals their exit. Together with Aya, a nurse who looks after Ryo, Hajime and friends must find a way out while deadly pathogens threaten to end their search for freedom. There’s something else amiss about this hospital, however. Strange paintings depicting an ancient civilization decorate the hospital walls. Just what is the Asmos Legend?

R?MJ is an interactive horror game with full voice-acting and movement like Kenji Eno’s D, where a video plays to show the player’s selected movement. In addition to looking around for items and solving puzzles, the player must utilize the “5 senses button,” which acts as an additional way to investigate. Other characters will prompt you for these moments, such as “what’s that smell?”

The xdelta patch expects the BIN version of both discs. There’s an autopatching script included for Windows, otherwise any patcher that supports xdelta should work fine.

DUCKSTATION USERS! Make sure to read the compatibility information in the README!

File/ROM SHA-1: E3C8991838BAE1E1AFB410A484DCDD2A9E3DF59B
File/ROM CRC32: A8F77B28
EsperKnight Hacking
SnowyAria Original ENG Translation, Image Editing
Cargodin Original ENG Image editing
blametherobot Original ENG Font editing
Mr.Nobody Spanish Translation, Image Editing, Font editing
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