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Kiki Kaikai: Dotou Hen (English Translation) FDS

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: February 1, 2024
Downloads: 40

"Mysterious Ghost World: The Turbulent Chapters" is a shoot-em-up based on the arcade game "Kiki Kaikai", which is a precursor to the "Pocky and Rocky" game series. Unlike other shooters, this game has a supernatural atmosphere. Furthermore, while the arcade game was ported to both the PC-Engine and the MSX, the Famicom Disk System port added elements that the other versions lacked.

1. A Day/Night cycle added
2. Charms (Ofudas) are used as both throwing weapons and as currency
3. The game takes places on a non-linear overworld map
4. Many bosses' locations were rearranged, and new bosses were added
5. A second player can be participate in the game, albeit playing alternatively.
6. A timer added in the game for the player to play the game before it reaches the end. (The game starts on January 8. The game ends when the timer reaches to December 31.)

This game also introduced a two-player option, but both players alternatively. Player one controls the shrine maiden who's dressed in red (Sayo-chan) whereas player two controls a shrine maiden who's dressed in green (Miki-chan).

Sayo-chan (and Miki-chan) must go on a quest to purge the countryside of wicked youkai and set free the seven gods of fortune.

Filename: kiki_kaikai.fds
CRC-32: 7aa4fd
SHA-1: 72eece33428159b71951573efbd5aab7f9490235
BlackPaladin (Rom Hacking, Text Replacement)
Bunkai (Japanese to English Translation)
Zynk Oxhyde (Title Screen Design)
MG (Beta Testing)
xttx (Beta Testing)
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