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Jung Rhythm (English Translation) SEGA Saturn

Game Name:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: April 20, 2024
Downloads: 12

English translation patch for the rhythm game "Jung Rhythm" on the Sega Saturn.

"Jung Rhythm" is a rhythm game for the Sega Saturn, often compared to "PaRappa the Rapper" for some of its similarities, although according to records, both games were in development simultaneously.

The player takes the role of Vanilla Essence, a young girl who dreams of being a star. The story follows her quest from eating breakfast through to a duet with her favorite superstar, the earth-loving rocker, Chorking!

The gameplay itself takes the form of call-and-response dance and song duets with various characters, where the other characters will sing a line and the player is asked to repeat it. Lyrics appear at the top of the screen, while input prompts appear in the first of a pair of bars along the bottom of the screen as they sing. Ad-libbed inputs are also permitted, and there are specific ad-lib segments.

Vanilla Essence's performance is then graded in five categories and given an overall score. If players score high enough, they're allowed to continue to the next story segment. Between story segments there is a short full-motion video cutscene connecting the dots.

The game additionally includes a practice mode, as well as a two-player "BATTLE" mode, where players can compare their skills.

Filename: Jung Rhythm (Japan) (Track 01).bin
CRC-32: c51daf75
SHA-1: 1b99b615e6a2c2b6fea6f74a298892db859dafc6
Programming / Hacking
Derek Pascarella (ateam)


Audio / Video

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