Krystals of Zong (NES) Homebrew

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: December 10, 2023
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NES port of the Commodore 64 game "Krystals of Zong".

CRYSTALS OF ZONG Original C64 game by Sean McKinnon, (C) 1983 Cymbal Software NES version by Karmic, December 2-10, 2023 1. How to Play The objective of this game is to navigate through the labyrinth and collect the keys so you can enter the treasure chambers and eventually find the exit contained within one of them. Each level contains 9 rooms, which are arranged in a 3x3 grid, and in the center of each is a treasure chamber. A key is needed to enter the treasure chamber, and one key can be found in each of the rooms. However, the keys are scattered around the maze- you may have to travel all across the maze to find the door it belongs to. 2. Monsters Unfortunately for you, many creepy monsters lurk the dungeons. Each level has a different type of monster, and each room contains 4 monsters. Contact with a monster spells your demise. As you advance levels, the monsters get faster and faster, and may gain some special attacks... 3. Items You may find items scattered throughout the rooms which will help in your quest. In addition to the aforementioned keys, you may also find swords which temporarily allow you to slay the monsters. Vulnerable monsters will turn dark red to alert you when they are about to become a threat again. You may also find torches- as you explore the maze, your torch time is slowly ticking, and when it hits 0, the monsters will become dark and hard to see. This item will completely refill your torch time. 4. Treasure Chambers Once you have the correct key, you will see the keyhole in a room flash, which indicates you can enter it. To enter it, simply walk towards it while holding the A Button. Inside the chambers, the following treasures can be found: Green Potion: Makes you invulnerable until you exit the room. Sword: A special sword that lasts far longer than the others. Lantern: Prevents torch time from decreasing until you exit the level. Boots: Allow you to run faster until you exit the level. Gem: A valuable item worth extra points. Brown Potion: Allows you to teleport once. When you have this item, press Select to select a room and press Start to let the action begin again. Crown: A valuable item worth extra points. Chest: A valuable item worth extra points. Ladder: The exit! Enter to descend to the next level.
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