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Utility: LazyShell: Updated Edition
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Version: 1.3.1
Last updated: September 20, 2021
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Yakibomb’s “LazyShell: Updated Edition” is just that: An updated version of the original LazyShell editor for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

On top of the already extensive list of editable assets and powerful tools LazyShell has to offer, the “Updated Edition” fixes several bugs from the last official release of LazyShell v3.19.0, improves documentation of commands used by the Event and Animation editors, and most notably comes with the disassembly documentation by Giangurgolo that has been expanded upon by Yakibomb.

Improvements Include:

  • Under Animations, can now edit Flower Bonus Messages, Toad’s Battle Tutorial, and various Weapon animation scripts (for Miss Sounds, Timed-Hit Sounds, and for Ally Characters engaging monsters using basic attacks)
  • Under Items, added a hex editor for advanced users that quickly pulls up an item’s bytes.
  • Under Attacks, added Timing Properties and Damage Modifiers to easily change button-timing input-methods of an ally special. Additionally, these can be changed in hex in the Attacks editor window.
  • … And improved documentation of missing commands.
  • … And fixed some bugs with the original release.

For full changelog, please check the “About…” section at the top-right of the main editor window (the Map Banner).

  • Due to the enormous amount of features the original LazyShell has to offer, New Users can use (but are not required) the “Help” window for additional written documentation of the tools and features the editor uses.
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