Emulicious – Utility

Utility: Emulicious
Version: 2023-12-30
Last updated: December 30, 2023
Downloads: 3

Check release site for latest update.

Emulicious consists of the following emulators:

  • A Nintendo Game Boy Emulator
  • A Nintendo Game Boy Color Emulator
  • A Sega Master System Emulator
  • A Sega Game Gear Emulator
  • An MSX Emulator

Even though Emulicious aims for precision and accurate emulation it still provides some additional features and tools:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Adjustable Turbo
  • Adjustable Throttle
  • IPS Patching
  • Savestates


  • Debugger (including an interactive disassembler with automated code/data separation and reverse stepping/backward stepping)
  • Profiler
  • Tracer
  • Coverage Analyzer
  • Memory Editor
  • Palette Viewer
  • Tile Viewer
  • Tilemap Viewer
  • Sprite Viewer
  • Sound Viewer
  • Data Plotter
  • RAM Search
  • RAM Watch
  • Memory Tracer
  • Remote Debugging

The debugger provides many features that can be useful for ROM hacking and Homebrew development. It provides customizable syntax highlighting, trace logging, breakpoints and watchpoints. It also allows to load source files to show instead of a disassembly of your ROM. A Reference Hierarchy helps in understanding a program flow, the profiler helps in identifying performance hotspots. A powerful expression syntax allows the definition of useful conditions for breakpoints/watchpoints. Breakpoints halting on accesses of uninitialized memory and inconsistent states after interrupts can help to avoid unnecessary programming mistakes.

Emulicious also allows remote debugging with tools such as Visual Studio Code. The Visual Studio Code extension can be found on VS Code Marketplace

Emulicious also supports running Analogue Pocket roms (*.pocket).

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