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Tomodachi Collection (English Translation) Nintendo DS

Released by:
Status: Unfinished
Patch Version: 0.80
Last updated: November 10, 2013
Downloads: 8

This translation includes a translation of every essentials texts.

What are NOT fully translated:

- Job descriptions. I just blanked them out.

- Mii News. Only about half of them were translated but that should cover all the important news.

- Songs. Some translated text in the lyric might be cut off in the middle but it will show up in full when you select it.

Filename: Tomodachi Collection (Japan) (Rev 1).nds
CRC-32: 60c49745
SHA-1: f37d5ff0e3444cf3fab38890efb71f4f14c96994
Tomodachi Collection (Nintendo DS) English Translation Patch Rev.0.80 by jjjewel How to patch ============ 1. Run the TomodachiCollectionRev080.exe program. 2. Drag and drop clean (unmodified) Tomodachi Collection v1.1 on the screen of the program you open in step 1. 3. Wait a little bit and a window will popup asking you where to save your patched rom. 4. Click "Save" and wait until you see the "Patching Done!" window, then click "OK". 5. Your patched game will be where you save it in step 3. * This is a partially English translation patch. If there is any problem, please visit the discussion thread on GBATemp forum.
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