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TearRing Saga: Yutona Eiyū Senki (English Translation) PlayStation

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.4
Last updated: February 6, 2017
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This is a major update to the Tear Ring Saga translation by ayashii gamesubs in 2001.

The original patch had been fully translated, but had too many bugs and programming issues to be usable. This new patch retranslated much of the script and eliminated all show-stopping bugs and errors.

MD5: E9F64A96497C3CA6DB81EEA06500E3E0
alamone - Project director, reverse engineering / hacking, translation
LCKhoa Hacking
Aethin - Translator and Editor
FoxStar74 - Project Recruiter
Miacis - Proofreading
================================================================================================================ ,, MMP""MM""YMM `7MM"""Mq. db .M"""bgd P' MM `7 MM `MM. ,MI "Y MM .gP"Ya ,6"Yb. `7Mb,od8 MM ,M9 `7MM `7MMpMMMb. .P"Ybmmm `MMb. ,6"Yb. .P"Ybmmm ,6"Yb. MM ,M' Yb 8) MM MM' "' MMmmdM9 MM MM MM :MI I8 `YMMNq. 8) MM :MI I8 8) MM MM 8M"""""" ,pm9MM MM MM YM. MM MM MM WmmmP" . `MM ,pm9MM WmmmP" ,pm9MM MM YM. , 8M MM MM MM `Mb. MM MM MM 8M Mb dM 8M MM 8M 8M MM .JMML.`Mbmmd' `Moo9^Yo..JMML. .JMML. .JMM..JMML..JMML JMML.YMMMMMb P"Ybmmd" `Moo9^Yo.YMMMMMb `Moo9^Yo. 6' dP 6' dP Ybmmmd' Ybmmmd' ================================================================================================================ [Patch Version 1.04, released 23 February 2016] ================================= = Instructions for Patching = ================================= 1. Acquire a Japanese copy of TearRing Saga. If you rip the game from the disk, you'll most likely end up with an *.ECM file. This is a compressed file, which needs to be decompressed with a tool like UnECM. After all is said and done, you should have a *.BIN file of the game that's about 594 MB (566 MiB). 2. The patch given here is an *.XDELTA file, so you'll need an XDELTA patcher, for which I recommend XDELTA UI. 3. Use the patcher to apply trs-eng-v102.ppf to your TearRing Saga BIN. If you want to cover all your bases, you could apply it to a copy of your BIN just in case there's a mishap in the patching process. 4. Load the patched BIN using whatever PS1 emulator you like. Personally, I prefer pSX, but I'm sure it'll work with most general-purpose emulators. ================================= = Gameplay Controls = ================================= cross cancel circle accept triangle information window square view controls L1/R1 next screen/unit start skip conversation select switch menus (when available) (Note that since this is a Japanese game, the functions of X and O are switched from their familiar usage for Western games.) ================================= = Gameplay Tips = ================================= Characters do not have Weapon Levels for each usable weapon type. Instead, each unit has a statistic called Mastery that serves as a general-purpose weapon level. Using the same weapon type to kill or heal units will build up bonuses over time. For every 10 kills, you'll get a +1 bonus to HIT and AVO when using that weapon type. Using staves, on the other hand, will increase AVO, healing power, and the chance that your staves will "critical hit," healing extra HP. Similarly, repeatedly killing specific unit types and fighting on specific terrain maps will build up bonuses for your units. Again, it's +1 HIT and AVO for every 10 kills/sorties when fighting that type of unit/fighting on that type of map. In addition, individual weapons themselves keep track of how many kills they've gotten. For each kill after 50, the weapon will receive +1 CRIT bonus, up to +50 at 100 kills-- which would only be possible through the use of a Hammerne staff. Some weapons from villagers come with quite a few uses still on them. If you do manage to rack up 100 kills on the same weapon, it will randomly become either blue-starred or red-starred. This means the weapon has become unbreakable. However, red-starred weapons have a backfire rate of (31-Luck)%. This curse can be removed by visiting certain churches in the world, where you can receive a blessing that'll exorcise all your weapons. The Score statistic is meant to be a rough estimate of the overall "power" of a unit. It's not particularly useful for regular gameplay, but it is used for EXP gain calculations. There is no weapon triangle (except in Versus Mode), and turns do not auto-end. In the settings, battle animations can be set to All, Some, and Few. The Some setting will make it so fights against weaker foes aren't animated, while Few will limit animations to bosses and particularly strong foes. On the top-right of the statistics screen are Hit, Critical, and Defense followed by two numbers each. These are: Hit: Hit rate/Avoid rate. Critical: Critical rate/Critical Dodge rate Defense: Physical defense/Magic resistance Also worth noting is that magical resistance is Magic/2, rounded down, and AS is attack speed, which is Speed-WeaponWeight (which can go negative). To double-attack, you need to have at least 5 points higher AS than your opponent. ================================= = Translation Credits = ================================= Hackers: alamone, LCKhoa Translator and Editor: Matthew Aethin Project Recruiter: FoxStar74 Proofreading: Miacis Special thanks to the original translators and editors, whose contributions were ultimately unused, but still helpful for the redone translation and editing: (Translators) Oboro, Runan, Eien ni Hen, FireLizard (Editors) Agro, akage, Allanassiduity, Blossercubbles, Cecil Hoshino, Cheetah7071, Henry Spencer, HikarUSA, Ike-Mike, Kabuk55, Karuchi, Khan, Marsdriver, Ofermod, sumi, Uryvichk ===================================== = Retrospective from the Translator = ===================================== I first contacted LCKhoa back in April 2015 with the intent to smooth out some of the dialogue and make sure all the names were consistent across the script. But after I got the go-ahead from him and FoxStar74, I quickly realized that this was not going to be some couple-week task. In part due to my perfectionist tendencies, and in part to getting burned out after working on the script, it took me 464 days to complete my first draft of the revised script. Since then, it's taken another 175 days for me to iron out all the major problems with the first draft and come out with version 1.02. I don't think it'd be an exaggeration to suppose I'm the most knowledgeable person regarding the story and setting of TearRing Saga in the entire Anglosphere, which is quite a strange feeling to have. When I began this project, I expected that by the end of it, I'd be so sick of TearRing Saga that I'd never want to play it again... but as it turned out, the opposite is true. And despite all of the game's flaws and plot holes (which I fixed as much as possible), I can't really bring myself to dislike a single thing about it. I've poured so much of myself into this game--or rather, this new English version of it--that it feels like a part of me, in a sense. When I play the game, I'm filled with a sense of awe. All I can think is, "Wow... I did this. Me!" And while I know that it's not particularly humble of me, I desperately want as many people to play and enjoy the game as possible. I want all my efforts to mean something, not to be forgotten. I know that the TearRing Saga series will never have the recognition that Fire Emblem does, but for my own proud sake, I don't want it thrown to the wayside. And for helping me with that dream, I thank you, dear reader, for endeavoring to play this little pet project of mine. I do hope that you enjoy it. ===================================== = About from the Translator = ===================================== "Matthew Aethin" (also "Aegrin") is the pseudonym of a 24-year-old American graduate student in physics. His hobbies include video games, fantasy novels, ancient literature, and linguistics. He is fluent in English, proficient in Japanese, and reasonably competent in Classical Latin. His pen name has taken various forms over the years, first being "Matthew Redtheif" (yes, I know now that "thief" was misspelled) after the Fire Emblem character. Later, the surname was changed to Aegrin, after a random name I picked for my Red Mage in Final Fantasy 1. I experimented with variants on the name in high school (Matthias, Aetin, Aethin), before settling on its current form. I used the earlier form "Aegrin" instead of "Aethin" for this project, however, because my email address still has the former in it instead of the latter. C'est la vie.
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