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Takeshi No Chousenjou (English Translation) NES

Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: August 19, 2020
Downloads: 7

This is an action/adventure game designed by Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano. It is rather infamous because it’s a pretty terrible game, but perhaps it was intentionally bad as some kind of prank on the player.

Note this translation does use some bad language. Kinda fitting because your dude’s (I’m guessing Takeshi) a jerk.

The ROM does need to be expanded first. Get nflate and expand the PRG-ROM to 256KB (there’s no CHR-ROM). It was tested on the 1986 release of the game, but the 1990 version should be compatible.

Takeshi no Chousenjou (Japan)
MD5 : 41936E258E0CF74C47A13F5B6049C338
CRC32 : E810B35C
SHA-1 : 37474AA6C07D5F3D49D3FE0C4C496B28D4E36BE1
KingMike, Hacking, Tools, assembly, graphics
Sexy Offender, Translation
Paul Jensen, Translation
DarknessSavior, Translation
Pencil, Translation
Takeshi's Challenge (aka Takeshi no Chousenjou or A Letter of Challenge from Takeshi) v1.0 December 25, 2011 KingMike Translations ( *********** INTROUCTION *********** This is a side-scroller adventure game. Designed by Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano, it is infamous for being one of the worst video games ever made. It is said that the game was infact intenionally terrible as if the whole intent is to play a cruel joke on the player. Well, whichever, you can now play this legend in English. **** TEAM **** KingMike - tools, assembly, graphics Sexy Offender - translation (I have been told the main translator would rather remain anonymous) Paul Jensen, DarknessSavior, Pencil - additional translations *********** WHAT'S DONE *********** Should be complete. ************ WHAT'S BUGGY ************ I get the feeling there may be some hidden spots I missed testing the game. If there's a place with wrong text or misplaced windows, a FCEUX savestate right before the error would be helpful. Do note that the original game was a bit glitchy. I know sometimes the screen won't scroll far enough to allow you to access warp points. That is a bug in the original, and in some places may have even been intentional. ********************* PATCHING INSTRUCTIONS ********************* The ROM will need to be expanded with a program such as nflate first. Expand the PRG-ROM. Either apply the IPS version of the patch to an original Japanese ROM, or use a program such as upset (from to apply the UPS version. And I suppose you know not to apply it to a pre-patched ROM. This translation was tested on the 1986 version of the ROM, but looking at the differences between the two, it should be compatible with the 1990 ROM as well. (technically, the only visible difference seems to be the date on the title screen. The mapper code was also changed slightly. My guess is the 1986 version ran on a PCB with bus conflicts and the 1990 version did not. The 1990 version also contains a small additional routine that doesn't appear to serve any useful function: it reads from some address like $4420 that is believed to be unmapped and then follows with a branch with a relative offset of 0 (which again appears to be a useless instruction). **************** EMULATION ISSUES **************** Not aware of any. Again, the bugs I am aware of were present in the original game and may have even been intentional. ***************** PLAY INSTRUCTIONS ***************** Controls: Note this is a 1-player game but does utilize the mic on the FC second controller. D-Pad Move. Hold Down and press B to jump very high. Push Up to talk to people. Select Open the Information Screen Start Pause B Button Jump, cancel selections on menus A Button Attack, confirm selections on menus Second Controller This game does use the microphone found on the Famicom Player 2 controller. Additionally: Down + A (on Controller II): Activate silent input. Takeshi will say Hello to confirm selection. A (on Controller II): With silent input turned on, push this repeatedly to "speak" into the mic. Starting a game You will control Takeshi on the title screen. Walk towards START to bein a new game. Walk towards CONTINUE to enter the password- input screen. Password input Press Up to talk to the password man. Select RESUME to begin inputting a password. Use the D-Pad to choose characters, A to enter and B to erase. Select END when you have finished entering the password. Do take note of the difference beteen O (the letter) and 0 (the number) and between Y and the yen symbol. If correct, you will notice Takeshi's stats have been immediately reloaded. Walk to the left, outside of the room to continue your game. Information screen Press Select during the game to display the Information screen. You will see a list of the items you have obtained, as well as your health (which will oddly display five digits even though it is capped at 127) and money. There will be four options at the bottom. Select one and push A to continue. BACK : Return to the game. END : Go to the password screen to obtain your current password. Please note the difference between O (the letter) and 0 (the number) as well as Y and the yen symbol. SPEAK : Choose to talk normally or threateningly (not sure what this affects). WEAPON : Choose this to swap your current weapon between punch, rock and gun, if available. Your goal is to explore the game. It's pretty open. Some additional minigames: Pachinko: Push A to release a ball. Push B to quit. Hang gliding: Push Left, Right or Down to move. Push A to shoot if you have a gun. ********* COPYRIGHT ********* Original game (c)1986 by Taito and Takeshi Kitano ("Beat Takeshi"). English translation (c)2011 by KingMike and others above. I am not affiliated with Taito or Beat Takeshi. Do not distribute the game image ("ROM") and the patch. This patch is for non-profit recreational use. Use it if you have an original, but play on emulator or flash cart. Don't destroy donors. I do not support or condone reproductions. If you're thinking of selling a reproduction of this translation, I don't care if you die.
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