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Slayers (English Translation) SNES

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.01
Last updated: October 21, 2010
Downloads: 21

After eight years (to the exact day!) of intense labors by many - some tragic and others triumphant - Matt’s Messy Room and D-D are jointly announcing the penultimate closure of another success story. We are releasing Slayers English on its 8th anniversary - the final day of winter. Except for a few small details planned for our first update, Slayers is finished and 100% compatible with real hardware. Because older emulators do not appear to fully support this game, including the Japanese ROM, we are recommending BSNES as the emulator of choice.

Please consult the Readme.doc in our Slayers V1.00 archive for additional information, especially you Slayers anime and novel fans who may not be familiar with playing console videogames on PCs through the implementation of hardware emulators.

Players are also invited to visit our Slayers forum to discuss any matters pertaining to your experiences with our patch. We welcome being apprised of any problems, glitches, or typos you might encounter. In fact, we are highly receptive to gaming feedback from everyone - including n00bs - that is presented in a thoughtful manner that properly respects the great effort we have put into this patch.

We wrote the English story to the best of our abilities - for our own enjoyment - in a Western localization style attuned to our own interpretation of the Slayers culture. The results turned out so well, in our opinions, we voted to share our English patch with the world. Enjoy!

CRC32: 0B610445
filler Translation
Slayers English Translation V1.01 Introduction Japanese Developer – BEC Co., Ltd. Japanese Publisher – Banpresto Co., Ltd. Japanese Release – June 24, 1994 English Patch Production – Matt’s Messy Room and Dynamic Designs (Formerly Magic Destiny & Stealth Translations) Initial English Patch Release – March 20, 2010 (V1.00) Revised English Patch Release – October 21, 2010 (V1.01) Dedication – by the Slayers Translation Team Filler, of Matt’s Messy Room, along with the Dynamic Designs team – partners in the Slayers translation project – have dedicated our English patch to Eien Ni Hen. This recognition is not only in appreciation of the character translations she performed in Slayers, but expresses our gratitude for her assistance with other projects at Matt’s Messy Room and also for her contributions to many additional community efforts over a significant period of time. Slayers V1.01 – Typographical and menu corrections identified in-house and reported by game players. What is SFC Slayers? – from Moby Games [Slayers] is based on an animé series of the same name (also known as Lina the Teenage Sorceress). The heroine of the animé (and of the game) is Lina Inverse, a seventeen-year-old girl who can use magic and is also proficient with the sword. Lina particularly likes money, and often robs [thieves] and hunts for treasure. She also has a sense for justice - if a village or a town is in trouble, Lina will do anything to protect it and to fight the bad guys! In the game, Lina is knocked down after a fight against mysterious attackers and is found by the inhabitants of the nearby village. The trouble is she can't remember anything! When she meets her long-time companion Naga, their first objective become[s] to investigate the goblin attacks on the population, but Lina's ultimate quest is to regain her memory and to find out who or what has attacked her. The game is a traditional console-style RPG with towns, dungeons, random enemies, and turn-based combat viewed from first-person perspective in a Dragon Warrior fashion. The characters can attack physically or use special
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