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Puyo Puyo Sun (English Translation) PC (Windows)

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.2
Last updated: March 24, 2009
Downloads: 3

Hurray, another Puyo game is now available in English! After a good 13 years after its initial release, we can finally enjoy Puyo Puyo SUN in a language we can understand. Though you can follow the game quite well just by looking at the cutscenes, it's a lot nicer to have the text with it of course. This patch applies to the PC version of Puyo Puyo SUN. A thanks to everyone who helped me with the project!

CRC-32: 87c6977f
SHA-1: 99504c37b95d18efd569be417a5555219aafb494
Hernan, Baby Bonnie Hood, BRPXQZME, Crisis, Darthnemesis, Eien Ni Hen, Flamehands, Inkyubasu, Kikuchiyo, Saphire_diablo, Shou(?), Tangerine, Zoel
Puyo Puyo Sun (PC Windows) English Translation Patch v1.02 Copyright Hernan 2009 ================== Table Of Contents ================== 1. How to patch 2. About the patch 3. Credits 4. Final comments ================== 1. How to patch ================== -First, you must have the game itself of course. Don't forget you need the PC version. If you use Google, it shouldn't be hard to find it. Most likely you'll find the game in an ISO form. -Mount the ISO (if you never heard of this term then visit and download Daemon Tools). Or you could burn the ISO on a CD and install from the CD. (For this you could use ImgBurn, go to -Do a FULL install of the game. -Then apply the patch to the newly installed game folder. And that's all there is to it! Enjoy the game. ================== 2. About the patch ================== The patch translates the game as much as possible. The only thing that's not translated is the appearance of the title screen. I also didn't translate any backgrounds. Though it was technically possible, I found it too much work for too little gain. Other than that, you should not see any Japanese. If you do, please report it. The patch also acts as a No-CD patch, meaning you won't need the CD anymore to play the game after applying the patch. ================== 3. Credits ================== The hacking and graphics are all done by me (Hernan). Translation and editing are done by the following people. Many thanks for helping me with this project. Baby Bonnie Hood BRPXQZME Crisis Darthnemesis Eien Ni Hen Flamehands Inkyubasu Kikuchiyo Saphire_diablo Shou(?) Tangerine Zoel As you can see, the list is quite large. I may have forgotten a few people. If so, I'm sorry. Please email me and I'll add your name right away. Also, this large list is a result of me not being able to find anyone who was willing to fully translate the script. It's possible there are mistakes in the translation. If you notice anything that's incorrectly translated, please email me. ================== 4. Final comments ================== Hi, Puyo fans. I hope you enjoy Puyo Puyo Sun in English. I should apologize for one thing. There is this organization called AAA (Act Against Aids), which appears in the intro screen, they actually left a "message" in the options. However, I hijacked that message and replaced it with one of my own. I don't have anything against AAA of course, it's just that it's a Japanese organization so it doesn't apply for us. Also, the Koreans replaced the AAA message with an anti-piracy message :P Anyway my message is just a blatant ad for Puyo Nexus, so I won't do any more advertising in this readme :P Tip for improving the game experience: Try find higher quality music on the internet. The quality of the PC version is really low and you're better off replacing it! If you find any errors or untranslated elements, please report it at Puyo Nexus, or send me an email at [email protected] Enjoy the game! ~Hernan
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