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Phantasy Star Iii: Generations Of Doom (English Translation) Genesis

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.2
Last updated: June 9, 2020
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This is a hack of Phantasy Star III that addresses many of the game's present bugs, and also is a complete translation of the Japanese script.

Improvements and other revisions have also been included.

Spike's Note: I've obtained permission from the patch author to host this here, despite readme warning not to host elsewhere.

Phantasy Star III - Generations of Doom (USA, Europe)
CRC32: C6B42B0F
MD5: 82C7BC027685CC8FC6C9E077BEB1A75A
SHA-1: 59D4914E652672FD1E453C76B8250D17E8CA154E
================================================================= = = = Phantasy Star III Unofficial English Translation = = = ================================================================== -------------- * Disclaimer * -------------- I do not own Phantasy Star III or claim ownership of the translated material that has been included in this patch. I am in no way affiliated with SEGA and will not be held liable for any outcomes resulting from the use of this patch. --------- * About * --------- This is a hack of Phantasy Star III that addresses many of the game's present bugs, and also is a complete translation of the Japanese script. Improvements and other revisions have also been included. I consider the project complete, and so it will receive no further updates unless errors are reported. To apply this patch, Lunar IPS is recommended. This patch is -NOT- compatible with other hacks or modified versions of the ROM and isn't intended for such use. *The project also contains two optional patches: one restores the parallax scrolling in battle from the Japanese version; the other doubles the walk speed during gameplay (the original speed is used during cutscenes). First patch a clean ROM with the translation first before using these mods. If you use both optional patches, you need to fix the game's internal checksum by using the FixCheckSum utility. If issues are encountered when loading save data from before the additional patches were used, you may need to start the game over from the beginning. ------------------- * Version History * ------------------- Current version: v1.2 *Please note that the translation names will be used in the notes! *For name differences and additional notes, please visit the translator's website listed in the credits. v1.2: (6/9/2020) - Another optional patch has been included alongside the main file to double the walk speed. (Credits go to lory1990 for the implementation and testing!) - Fixed a line from an NPC in Pilota/Aerone. v1.1: (5/14/2018) - An optional patch has been included alongside the main file for those who want the parallax scrolling restored for fights. (Credits go to lory1990 for provided assistance!) Please apply the mod after the translation patch. v1.0: (4/12/2018) [Improvement] - Fully translated hack of the original game! *Some item and enemy names had to be adjusted for length. - The old man's dialogue on the boat doesn't repeat now. - Pilota's armor shop now has gear appropriate for Lein's party. - The chest in Lashute which originally gave the player a LaconHelm now gives a proper upgrade instead. - Hasataka, Foundaury and Mystoke along with its castle all now have palettes that match their respective climates. - Party palettes have been edited. *Some portraits (members of Eshyr's house) were altered to match character sprites. - Lune's enemy graphic had a palette change for his hair color. - Likewise, Luin's intro cutscene art had a slight recolor. - Blinking pixels on Lyle's walking sprite have been fixed. - Shin received his own sprite (an edit of Lyle's graphic). - Fuin also received a sprite recolor. His graphic now matches his sister's color. - The RNG for the speed stat in battles has been adjusted for balance. - New font graphics. - New title screen art for the subtitle, "Successors of Time" instead of "Generations of Doom". - The enemy called "Mideri Aschiruth" (or "Finis" in the English version) has had its palette corrected. [Bugfix] - The Escapipe bug has been fixed. *It still works in the beginning of the game as an Easter egg. - Likewise, you can no longer press UP when talking to Lena while imprisoned and glitch the game that way. - The poison bug has been fixed. If a poisoned character dies, the poison is now removed. - Equipment with healing effects can no longer be abused outside of battle. - Dead characters can no longer use techniques or items outside of battle. - The check for the party's legendary weapons works correctly now. - The "Pron" glitch has been fixed. - Mieu and Wren's item carryover bug has been fixed. - Shusoran's sound problem has been corrected. - Luin's duplicate MysteryStar that appears in his initial inventory has been removed. - Luise's sprite now animates correctly. - Warrior Luna has been given a new XP table which matches the 3rd generation protagonists due to a bug with her original table. - Laia (Gwyn) and Warrior Luna both have new technique growth tables. Their starting tech levels remain unchanged. - The shuttle SFX that runs repeatedly after the start of Luin's quest has been fixed. - After recruiting Dan, the Rebel Cave's encounters are now disabled as they are when you re-enter the dungeon. - Cille's map transfer has been corrected for Kein and Ain. --------------------- * Translation Notes * --------------------- About many character and location names: I realize it's very Japanese-sounding. Example: Hazatak in the original vs Hasataka used for this script. Regarding Wren/Searren: While I'd prefer to use Searren's full name, it's too long due to space limitations. For this reason, the shortened name "Wren" will have to do. I'll note here that in the game, Wren is referenced not by gender, but in a neutral way (e.g. "that robot"). Sean/Shin's name: His name was originally translated as "Shiin". Unfortunately, we ran into the same problem with Searren, although some options were considered. In the end, I was told not to worry about it and go with the shortened "Shin". ----------- * Credits * ----------- Peaches - Primary Hacking lory1990 - Contributions, additional hacking & testing Link: R. Capowski - Translation Link: Hugues Johnson Link: While he had no direct involvement with this project, his Aridia editor was extremely useful for viewing palettes and drawing the new font and title screen art. ----------- * Contact * ----------- If you have any questions or comments, please send me a private message via the forums at RHDN! Do not ask for requests to be fulfilled; it's unfortunate, but I no longer have the time for it. Reporting encountered bugs or glitches is fine. If you have any inqueries about the translation itself, you can contact the translator through her site. (Check the credits section above for link.) Please do not upload or host this patch elsewhere.
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