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Neunzehn – 19 (English Translation) Family Computer Disk System

Game Name:
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: October 11, 2015
Downloads: 7

Here is a full English translation for the Famicom Disk System game, Neunzehn or otherwise known as 19. Everything has been completely translated and at the faction selection screen, the Japanese characters which represent the elements have been changed to icons to better signify the groups better. Enjoy!

Also added a patch which allows you to have the regular NES style font for the title screen, intro, and ending if someone prefers that over the original font use in the game.
Apply only to a clean unaltered ROM.

NOTE: patches for this translation were originally released on 11 October 2015. The patches have been updated to target the good dump currently in no-intro, as the original patches were intended to be used with a dump now considered bad.

Neunzehn - 19 (Japan).fds
Size: 131000
CRC32: 47b3babd
MD5: 3075aa99cf591cd5ed5366a30be5043a
SHA1: b31c759efd870f189acccd8b18e8928c2b070519

Neunzehn - 19 [Original Font] T+Eng v1.0 MrRichard999.fds
Size: 131000 bytes
CRC32: DA11432A
SHA1: 5E359C2BD3644B3B14A1E1668CBEFB07C4FDCE47
MD5: 5D0753A7CE9E440ADE784A4A69E94FC7

Neunzehn - 19 [Regular NES Font] T+Eng v1.0 MrRichard999.fds
Size: 131000 bytes
SHA1: E1B75D821993BCC9F6C5EB1CF93D2E373E8D68D3
MD5: 95A860AED3CF4E4E7DA31BB5BD828D08
Helly - Introduction Translation
Mr.Pink - Dialogue & Ending Translation
Felix88 - Battle Dialogue
TangoBunny - Script Revision & Testing
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