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Fire Emblem Thracia 776 (English Translation) SNES

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.08
Last updated: December 24, 2021
Downloads: 14

This is a complete Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 translation patch, based on the Project Exile script. It translates all the dialogue, UI, menus and graphics of the game into English.

Lil’ Manster completes Project Exile by translating some of the missing menu text, including unused content. It also fixes a number of glaring translation inaccuracies, updates names to fit with new localized Fire Emblem content and completes a lot of the game’s information by providing more complete descriptions.

The patch as a whole got a fresh coat of paint, with more readable menu and dialogue fonts, better UI and less (minor) graphical glitches. Finally, a number of quality-of-life features were added to make your experience of Thracia as smooth as it can be.

Included in the archive is a folder full of small add-ons, that implement various quality-of-life features, and some difficulty modifiers.

Database match: not found
Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
File/ROM SHA-1: 1BB7267A4B291EB107E18C7B69BB8131AD387DDF
File/ROM CRC32: 17F75FD7
Miacis - Script Editing, Graphic Design, Insertion, Translation
Expert Criminal - Script Editing
Ultimage - Hacking
Rosie the Riveter - Additional Translation
Flasuban - Font Design
Tchuu - Graphic Design
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Lil' Manster - English Thracia 776 translation based on Project Exile ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a complete Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 translation patch, based on the Project Exile script. It translates all the dialogue, UI, menus and graphics of the game into English. Lil' Manster offers four major improvements over the Project Exile (PE) patch: 1) Completeness - The Sound room, Option setting descriptions, and pop-up boxes for stolen, purchased and exchanged items, that were missing in PE, are now translated. - Unused content, useful for randomizers, is now properly translated instead of left empty. 2) Accuracy - Most of the glaring inaccuracies in PE's translation were ironed out. - Characters now talk to the proper interlocutors now. - More accurate and complete objectives and item/skill descriptions. - Names made consistent with new localized Fire Emblem content. 3) Quality of life - Addition of a host of quality-of-life improvements including "Hold L to swap animation modes," "Equipped item preview," "Guard AI display," "Talk display," "Crt% display in battle," "Over-Fatigue Red Display" and "Lingering level-up stat gains." - Optional folder includes some more QoL patches that can be applied on top of Lil' Manster, like "Map HP bars," "Weapon Experience Display" or "Repositioning of your units during Preparations". - Optional patches altering the gameplay to adjust your difficulty, like "0% growths," "Double WEXP" or "Easy Sound Room access". 4) Aesthetics - New, more readable menu and dialogue fonts. - Cool icons to indicate weapon locks, weapon effectiveness, and much more. - A whole bunch of minor graphical glitches are now gone. The font displays are based on Zane Avernathy's Thracia 776 English Menu Translation. This patch must be applied to an unheadered Project Exile rom. The rom is expanded, so some emulators are not compatible with Lil' Manster. Snes9x et bsnes work fine out of the box, and "ZSNES 8MB custom build" works just as well. --- Known Issues: --- - The colorblind-friendly version of Zane's HP bars breaks the graphics of the cursor for choosing your window colors, in Options. Can't be fixed. - While the portraits and scripting of dialogue remain untouched, the contents of the dialogue will show a mix of Japanese and Latin characters. This is because we had to replace some Japanese characters, so chapter titles and objectives could be legible. If this bothers you and you wish to read the Japanese text, then I would suggest playing vanilla Super Thracia instead. --- Additional information: --- There is an FAQ and patching instructions in the archive file. If you run into any trouble, make sure to read them. The Changelog in the archive file goes into more detail about each individual fix. You can also see the script changes we've made, and their justification, at this adress:'%20Manster%20-%20Script%20Revisions.pdf?dl=0 ----- Credits and Acknowledgments: ----- Text insertion, both dialogue and menu, and graphical edits all by Miacis Based on Zane Avernathy's FE5 menu translation and compiled with his tools. All credit for the original game goes to Intelligent Systems and the wonderful development team they had. Lead Script Editors: Miacis Expert Criminal Programming: Miacis Ultimage Graphic Design: Tchuu Flasuban Miacis Lead Playtester: CedAodh Playtester: Yuiz Logo, Banner Design: Tchuu Linguistics Consultants: Rosie the Riveter Laivinia Discord Administrator: Xylonphone Special Thanks: Zane Avernathy & HidoranBlaze for their incredible help in working out the tools. Horrabin, Sephie and EnDavio, the team leaders of the Spanish, German and Italian translation teams, for their inspiring work in their own projects. Raymerald for always finding the most obscure (but helpful) Japanese hacks and tools. 542◆ruo0tlxqPQ, who authored the fix for the unused spell animations. Min, who authored the Crt% display in battle and the Unit Rearrange Patch. Zane Avernathy who authored a whole suite of Thracia QOL additions. Soul for their historic support, writing support and emotional support. :) ChimeraHardline for the small “SELECT” icon The entirety of the Project Exile team, upon which this is based: --- PE Credits --- Script Translation, Localization, and Text Insertion by Cirosan Based on a patch architecture first developed by Kirb Incorporating Zane's FE5 menu translation ROM expansion by Kirb and dn Project Lead: Cirosan Lead Script Editor: Miacis Lead Playtester: KrashBoomBang Lead Programmers: HidoranBlaze Ando Lead Graphic Designer: Ando World Map Editing: Ando Robert of Normandy Title Screen Design: EnDavio "The Ballad of Yied" written by: Sam Heitzer Additional Script Editors: Bartz KrashBoomBang NitroAssassin524 Shale Expert Criminal Additional Playtesting: Ves Additional Programming: Cirosan Miacis Additional Graphic Design: EnDavio Miacis Discord Administrator: Xylonphone Lead Script Editors Emeritus: Alan Smithee Shale Special Thanks: DDS FireLizard Kirb Mekkah Shaya Zane And everyone else who helped make this project a reality. Both Kirb and Zane have continued to provide technical advice, and this patch would not have been possible without them. This patch would not be possible without the ROM expansion performed by Kirb and dn either. --- ---
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