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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon And The Blade Of Light (English Translation) NES

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: Beta 4
Last updated: April 16, 2017
Downloads: 13

This is a patch built on top of the completed FE1 translation to change the names to their official counterparts. Patch is applied to original Japanese ROM.

CRC32: 3452E97C
MD5: 095B2041905318F9026D9A5811E52292
SHA-1: 0179C550D424E0397496078789E7B116601D120C
This is currently a beta translation for FE 1, Which updated the names of the characters and items to the ones used in the US version of Shadow Dragon. The patch is currently unfinished and there's a few instances of garbelled up text and a few bugs that I have yet to fix yet. -Things I changed- -I changed the font to the text used in Earthbound Beginnings. -All of the names of characters and weapons/items have been updated. -I fixed most of the garbelled text that was in the game from the older translation. -I fixed a small portion lines that didn't make sense and fixed a few grammar/spelling errors. -Things I have yet to fix- -The epilogue text for unit who have died I'd like to thank Quirino for allowing me to use his patch as a base, I'd also like to thank the nice people on the SF forums who helped me with stuff I couldn't figure out, and RHDN that supplied me with the tutorial on how pointers work. Make sure you apply the patch to an translated Japanese ROM. Please report any errors here :
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