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Fire Emblem Gaiden (English Translation) NES

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Status: Complete
Patch Version: 0.9
Last updated: June 16, 2016
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An addendum patch for Artemis251 work that was created before Shadows of Valentia came about that updated names to be consistent with Fire Emblem Awakening DLC. Credits names were not changed and names are not current with the remake’s name and spelling changes to the characters, like Robin to Tobin, as shown in the screenshot.

In addition, due to the severe lack of space (the character limit is a mere four) some other names had to be shortened in order to fit in all the tiles required for the longer localized names, like “Luthier”.

CRC32: 0A187CB4
MD5: F294D74488A6E25ACECFED8741F0201D
SHA-1: 2153AE9A7B1C63E8D4D83A807F1C8C1F482F7293
Hello, welcome to the UPDATED NAMES patch for Fire Emblem Gaiden With the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening in 2013, Fire Emblem Gaiden had many characters and locations get official names. For better or for worse, this patch changes dialogue and character names to reflect these changes to be in line with the names used in Fire Emblem Awakening. For example, Doma is Duma, and Cleive is Clive. That being said, due to memory limitations, other characters who lack an official name have had their names switched to previous/alternate translations.(Jesse to Jesi, for example). Essentially, I need to free up space so that I can fit new names that are over 4 letters into space intended for 4 letters. Also, issues with the original translation such as the message for a full inventory being nonsense("Area reclaimed" instead of "Inventory Full" have been fixed. This patch is not perfect and not intended to "replace" the current translation. As of now, this patch is not even complete, as the cast roll does not function as intended and still uses the old names due to how it is stored in the game's ROM. HOW TO PATCH Use the Lunar IPS program to patch the IPS file on to a fresh JP ROM of Fire Emblem Gaiden. Do not try to apply the patch on previous Gaiden translations, it won't work. CURRENT RELEASE: v0.9a KNOWN ISSUES Ending cast roll displays character names of previous patch. I do ot how to fix this yet. FAQ Q: Why do this? A: Nobody else wanted to. Q: Some of these name changes are for the worse and look ugly within the text. A: Sorry. Names like Luthier can't fit well into a space intended for 4 letters and no amount of graphical edits can fix that. Maybe if I become a hacking wiz I'll be able to edit the limitation and make it look nice. That being said, I'll fiddle around with how to make things fit better. Keep in mind, Gaiden has limited graphical space so there's a limit as to what I can do. Q: Is it me or are there minor dialogue edits? A: Much like name changes, some of the dialogue had to be changed as space used for certain words had to be shifted to fit the new names in. That being said, all of the characters say the same messages, although the wording may be sightly altered, such as referring to clerics instead of priestesses. Q: Do you plan to edit the entire script later on? A: As a side project, I have some plans. That being said, I know some people(including myself) feel that the script in the current patch is overall pretty good. Options are great, so this patch is for those who just want name changes without major dialogue edits. Later Q: Do you plan to "localize" awkward sounding names like Paison? A: Not really, but in the future I may experiment with more drastic name changes. Q: YOU MESSED UP A: Email me at [email protected] SPECIAL THANKS/Credits Artemis251, who did the actual translation this is based on, and the two people he thanked, who are: "Shimizu Hitomi - She provided a translation of the game's dialogue and allowed me to use it in this project. j2e - I borrowed his font and modified it a bit." These are the people who did most of what is actually in this patch, I just edited it. I'd also like to thank the various people who gave me feedback. You guys are cool.
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