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Double Dragon (English Translation) Zeebo

Game Name:
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 0.9
Last updated: June 26, 2024
Downloads: 24

Zeebo Double Dragon now has a nearly 100% complete English patch. This has not been tested on real hardware, but works flawlessly on the Infuse emulator.

Fully translated:

  • The help (ajuda) screen. It is recommended to visit this first
  • All story cutscenes
  • The options menu, pause screen, and general UI elements including the credits count

Only a few menu keywords remain untranslated due to compression, but they should be intuitively obvious to figure out. Anyone who would like to translate the last few keywords is more than welcome to release an addendum.

To play the English patch, simply use Lunar IPS to apply the ips file to the unmodified ddragonz.mod file and make sure the mif/mod folders are in the proper location for Infuse. By default, this should be "C:UsersxAppDataLocalTuxalityInfusebrew" with x being substituted for the user in question.


  • CF for the hacking.
  • Ikearagao for the translation.
  • Maël Hörz for HxD.
Filename: ddragonz.mod
CRC-32: a73c3f18
SHA-1: 755aa7ac57e9fea5fee9f2eb9754d2a39c84d647
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Sorry for the inconvenience.
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