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Armana no Kiseki (English Translation) Family Computer Disk System

Game Name:
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: Rev A
Last updated: January 17, 2012
Downloads: 10

The game didn’t have any in game Japanese, just a Japanese title screen and in-game Engrish. It is a pretty difficult game with finite continues and no saving. You can still play the game this way, or, to make it more fun for non-masochists, and to continue your game where you left off if playing on a copier without savestates, the patch features:

  • Translated title screen
  • Cleaned up Engrish on disk access screens
  • Infinte continues
  • Stage select feature on the Continue / End screen (Simply press up or down to select the stage you wish to continue on!)

NOTE: original translation patch created in 2012 is for a source rom that has since been known to be bad. The IPS patch has been updated to target the currently selected good dump. A BPS patch has also been included.

Armana no Kiseki (Japan).fds
Size: 131000 bytes
CRC32: ec6d5de3
MD5: 98ac12e7f11b0aaf082c9cf45103c430
SHA1: 93d8d3b4b74fe087cc31b75aee2607ecc7a1d2dd

Size: 131000 bytes
CRC32: 8b61e398
SHA1: ce4b7b328bdfb4913a0031225100cba82e1c0754
MD5: 6551208e5e34d9c568470806d5dea4f7
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