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The Last Promise (Game Boy Advance) Romhack

Hack Name: The Last Promise
Hack of:
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 2.1
Last updated: August 24, 2013
Type of Hack: Gameplay, Graphics, Levels, Music, Text
Downloads: 5

A millennium ago, on the continent of Blaine, humans and dragons fought. Humans, unable to match the power of the dragons, gathered together and saved themselves from the brink of extinction by relocating to Solum.

On this new continent, the people were divided–and over time, each territory formed its own way of life, choosing how its people would live and what ideals they would carry.

However, this all changes when Magnus, an empire with the greatest military on the continent, begins to invade the other territories. Though their campaign is time-consuming, they are successful in every way imaginable, quickly dominating Alicia to the north and Atheya to the east.

But across the continent, there are people ready to fight back to their dying breath. One of them is Siegfried, a former Knight Commander who has been in hiding ever since an injury he received from ten years ago. With his pain serving as a reminder of the vow he made that fated day, he and his son, Shon, take up arms to gather allies and do whatever it takes to stop Magnus from dominating the continent.

…Because some promises, are just worth dying for.

Fire Emblem (USA, Australia).gba - NOINTRO
CRC32: 2A524221
MD5: F1A1B9742FCD467A531DD4314C4E7D19
SHA-1: C735FDBB9E8ABE19E0C6A44708DF19ACC962E204
SHA-256: F1200D19771B366B6EAD15DEC0EEE4A7785B538D894C069C36F7592321EE799B
README ------- Very briefly: - Patching instructions and version info are in the main folder. Before you try to patch, read the instructions. There are two ways to patch, but as far as I know, only NUPS will work with non-Windows users. - Version info details all the releases including what's in them but it does NOT include a list of bugs and glitches. The game is a hack and it isn't perfect; furthermore, before you go reporting things, please check the "Documentation" folder for the list of already known issues. - All special patches are in .ups (NUPS-only) form. You can apply them on top of any already patched version of The Last Promise. Applying them alone will likely break the game. You've been warned. - Another warning--you may create your own problems by patching improperly or trying to use certain programs or cheats on the game. Don't blame me for stuff you try to do to the hack--play it normally and you should have minimal issues with the game. - A lot of people helped with this project, so be sure to take a peek at the credits. Enjoy!
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