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Super Thracia 776 (SNES) Romhack

Hack Name: Super Thracia 776
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 110222
Last updated: February 22, 2011
Type of Hack: Gameplay, Graphics, Text
Downloads: 8

Super Thracia 776 is like normal Thracia 776, but harder. Much harder. Ridiculously hard. The original author takes no responsibility for any physical or mental damage this patch might cause to prospective Super Thracia players. Be warned, the game was not playtested! Don’t leave your savestates at home, you’ll be needing them.

Under the hood, there is a good amount of gameplay modifications, such as skill formulas being edited. There’s some new art assets for characters as well, and some characters from beyond the Thracian Peninsula make cameos throughout Leif’s adventure. His adventure is different in some capacity, but the hack is entirely in Japanese.

Included with the patch are growth rates and item stats for everything in the game in the form of HTML files. Translated versions of these are available here.

If you’re in the mood for Kaizo Fire Emblem, then you’re in the right place. Good luck…

MD5: C3FD1CAD754256D7A013864D917F47FA
SHA-1: 75B504921D08E313FF58150E40121AC701884517
CRC32: FC519952
LIN*LIN/XxX/gw of Binary Team
(Most of the readme translated by TheEnd.) (Credits are Google translated...) Super Thracia Patch_20110222 LIN*LIN/XxX/gw About this patch I take no responsibility for any physical or mental damage this patch might cause. Since copyright is a grey area in the case, I'm forbidding any alterations. Since I had originally no intent of finishing this but finished it forcibly, the story develops extra-fast. Since I have no sense of humor, there are few jokes inside. Most of the dialogue is unaltered. I've changed the dialogues trying to the keep everyone in character, but one particular young couple wasn't so lucky. Please understand. I didn't playtest, so I adjusted the difficulty by feeling. Since I'm a pseudo-hacker who can't read binary, there are times when I can't fix a bug even though it has been confirmed. I order to ensure emulator and save data compatibility, I haven't expanded the rom. I've taken care to make the mugshots not look odd compared to FE5's usual face graphics, but because of that many characters don't look like themselves. I tried to make the story consistent, but please report if you see typos, incomplete dialogues or contradictory parts. Since I suppose this is going to play via emulator, my aim is to make it beatable in QLQS. Credits: Applicable patch and materials used, tools * Face graphics have things you can use (revise) original data by modifying it · If it is possible, King Bloom will kill with my hands Mr. Patch author Fire Emblem Thracia 776 If King Can Bloom kill me with my hands patch Annex (structure etc.) · Mr. ajk FE 4 L - 2 + FE 45 G In-site document Mr. Min fe45_comp.exe FE 5 map editor auxiliary tool Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Range normalization ver1.4 · 542 * ruo0tlxqPQ Class change routine added patch v2a Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Effect normalization patch · 316 * 316g Mr. Gitpsw Holy Warfare - Thracia Face Gravity Collection Aless Aideen (reform) Ethlin (reform) Oifaye (revised) Kurth (reform) Shanan Deirdre Tinny (reform) Tiltyu (reform) Patty Faval Fee (reform) Julia (reform) Lachesis (reform) Lana Seven Young Blume (revised) Sheeda Est (reform) · 14-852 * jLN7WjlUs6 GBA character transplant ver 2.0 Ave (reform) Ishmeer (reform) Glen (reform) Keselda (reform) Gist (reform) Natasha (reform) Novala (reform) Rachel (reform) Roussea (reform) Roro (reform) Kleine (reform) · Holy war - face slur for Thracia (Leaf et al) Mr. author Leaf Altenna (revised) · (0 '~ `)/ - = * INF65wm8tQ Item icon SUNFLAME Item Icon Dime Thunder Real Battle Weapons Graubünück · Others Behemoth We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each patch, material used, tool creator. System changes Level and stats cap at 40 (Build at 25) Class change to 2nd class possible at level 25+ Class change to 3rd class possible at level 35+ Level doesn't change after class change Promoted mounted units can move inside buildings (mov cost 2) 'Wrath' skill: works like in FE4 'Astra' skill: 3x consecutive attacks, skl% activation 'Luna' skill: halves defense, def% activation 'Sol' skill: mag% activation 'Prayer' skill: luk% activation 'Big Shield' skill: bld% activation Devil Axe's self-attack rate: (50-luk)% Weapon triangle effect: +/- 30 Minimum damage: 1 (if attack = defense, 0) Known bugs Arena (can't use direct attack weapons, no opponents above lv20, etc.) Berserked units take too long to act? Novistador's real animation might be odd. Interference in various magic effects. Purge's magic effect might be odd. Ekard = Polygon Flash. A part of the map's battle graphics disappears (since I couldn't keep the map data intact, I had to do this). Map, chapter title screen and dialogues' palettes change midway. You can get the item at the end of chapter 18 even if you kill the Lenster soldiers. Asvel keeps doing his job as strategist even if he dies or gets captured. Harsh difficulty. Pixel art is rough.
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