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Super Mario Kart – Horizons (SNES) Romhack

Hack Name: Super Mario Kart - Horizons
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.3
Last updated: June 5, 2024
Type of Hack: Gameplay, Graphics, Levels, Music, Other, Text
Downloads: 3327

Welcome to Super Mario Kart - Horizons!

Race across new courses in brand new custom locations! Drive along serene grassy plains, treacherous abandoned mines, forgotten jungle ruins, against the sunrise from a mountaintop and more! These beautiful themes and tracks have been crafted with an emphasis on aesthetics and ambience along a custom soundtrack to set the mood just right.

SMK - Horizons features:

  • 8 custom themes. These breathtaking locations take place across the mushroom kingdom and neighboring lands!
  • 20 well designed race tracks. Tracks have been made to be unique as possible, as well as being completely drive-able with any character at 150cc!
  • 4 battle tracks. Enjoy a friendly competition in new battle maps that take advantage of new themes and new ideas!
  • Unique Ambience. All tracks each have their own color in their respective themes, meaning no tracks look entirely the same!
  • Brand new soundtrack. Enjoy catchy compositions for the main course themes, menu themes, credits, character victory tunes & more!
  • Modified Menu Screens. Featuring a new Title Screen, Cup Selection, Driver Select, Results, Podium & Credits sequence!
  • Revamped Sprites. Drivers, items, obstacles and more have been updated with a more modern look.
  • Unlock new content. Mirror Mode is available to be unlocked for all difficulties, Time Trials and Vs Mode. Think the game is too easy? Try out the unlockable hard mode to enhance your experience!
  • Modified Mechanics. Advance to the next round by placing 7th or higher! Points distribution have been updated as well.
  • Works on original hardware.
  • Extra Assets Available. Main Artwork created to represent the hack. Enjoy an official release of the new soundtrack to listen on your platform of choice, check out the custom instruction booklet, or print and build out a custom box & cart label! (Links available in the README)

And many more changes!

Filename: Super Mario Kart (USA).sfc
CRC-32: cd80db86
SHA-1: 47e103d8398cf5b7cbb42b95df3a3c270691163b
RHDO Note: Since we got hit by the Google Core March update negatively. Readme's will no longer be rendered here.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Retro Master HD
9 days ago

By far the most amazing SMK Rom Hack I’ve ever played, a Hack like this is definitely worthy of being played 110%. Big ups to you Gridatttack and keep up the wonderful work, really hope to see another amazing SMK Rom Hack like this one in the further future.

14 days ago

I’m getting a checksum error at the start with v1.2 when running it through SNES9X. It runs but is this normal?

ROM requirements are marked as the same. The previous version worked without issue or I just missed this (same ROM CRC32 of CD80DB86)

Tried this source and Romhacking. Same result.

Am I worrying about nothing?

Last edited 14 days ago by BroIcarus
14 days ago
Reply to  BroIcarus

*Seen message on YouTube. Ignore.

15 days ago

2600 downloads as of commenting, and this project deserves it! :000

15 days ago

This looks absolutely incredible. Thank you. Looking forward to getting this running on my SNES Mini.

22 days ago

Love the new tracks! It’s like playing a new Mario Kart. Thanks for sharing!