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Star Fox/Starwing MSU-1 21Mhz Fast/SlowROM (SNES) Romhack

Hack Name: Star Fox/Starwing MSU-1 21Mhz Fast/SlowROM
Hack of:
Language: , ,
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0
Last updated: December 22, 2023
Type of Hack: Music, Optimization
Downloads: 49

This patch adds MSU-1 support to Star Fox (USA/Japan) and Starwing (Europe/Germany), removes the SuperFX clock divider for 21MHZ clock speed, and optionally adds FastROM.
See the included README for more info.

Filename: Star Fox (Japan).sfc
CRC-32: 41a60b3f
SHA-1: a2dceab341ef20c836d4d3426f37f0ec396bbdcb

Filename: Star Fox (USA).sfc
CRC-32: bae0941
SHA-1: 1f5355534ccfaf26ae6c8f055f3e4768f9d72a7e

Filename: Starwing (Europe).sfc
CRC-32: 865f1a71
SHA-1: 7ba89019f33f690715bdbd52e13d888228ee4b9c

Filename: Starwing (Germany).sfc
CRC-32: b48ca238
SHA-1: 7c365c325b3ce27a17fc88744b6928741fab1996
Kurrono - Original MSU-1 ASM patch author
Kando - Porting the MSU-1 ASM patch, MSU-1 detection code
Sunlit - Porting the MSU-1 ASM patch
RHDO Note: Since we got hit by the Google Core March update negatively. Readme's will no longer be rendered here.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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