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Smash Remix (Nintendo 64) Romhack

Hack Name: Smash Remix
Status: In-Progress
Patch Version: 1.5.0
Last updated: January 4, 2024
Downloads: 175

Smash Remix is a gameplay modification of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64, with the vision of expanding upon the original game with new characters, stages, and features while staying true to its core gameplay. All mechanics and original 12 characters are unchanged. This vision also involves having tournaments where the new characters are pitted against the old ones, all the clones being viable against the originals.

As of the latest release, there are 18 additional characters slots (with alternate characters for some spots), 5 pages of battle maps, countless settings pages and a whole range of additional features and bonuses. This may be the most expansive N64 hack that exists.


Smash Remix v1.5.0 Patch Notes


Banjo & Kazooie added

Ebisumaru added as D-Pad Up (Boss) variant for Goemon

Metal Luigi added as D-Pad Up (Boss) variant for Luigi
→ Mad Piano moved to D-Pad Up (Boss) variant for Kirby

Dragon King added as D-Pad Up (Boss) variant for Captain Falcon

Polygon Marth added

Polygon King Dedede added

Polygon Mewtwo added

Polygon Young Link added

Polygon Dark Samus added

Polygon Conker added

Polygon Goemon added

Polygon Banjo & Kazooie added

Polygon Lucas model improvements
→ Fixes stick color for alternate costumes

Polygon Samus model improvements
→ Fixes ball color for alternate costumes

Polygon Ness model improvements
→ Fixes bat color for alternate costumes

Peppy Hare
→ USp delay shortened
→ NSp charge is 2x faster
→ NSp revolver shoot down from 55 frames to 37 frames
→ Addressed instant KOing of aerial opponents whose USp would send them to death (Luigi, Wolf, etc.)
→ DSp: Sets opponents’ velocities to half speed

Dark Samus
→ Added new CSS animation
→ Added new idle animation and pose
→ Added turn run animation
→ Fists now show up in attacks
→ Run brake added
→ FAir: Hitboxes and animation adjusted (starts on frame 8, move lasts 36 frames)
→ NAir: Animation time increased to 39 frames, hitboxes adjusted based on Mewtwo’s
→ NAir: Shield damage is now 1 instead of 0
→ BAir: Animation time increased to 39 frames
→ BAir: Auto cancel window adjusted
→ DAir: Now behaves like Samus’s (no late horizontal hit)
→ USP: Final hitbox raised up and shrunk down a bit (now match Samus)

→ DTilt reduced from 23 to 20 frames; removed loop buffer
→ DSp will no longer cause Lucas to turn around after absorbing from behind
→ DSp no longer covers Lucas’s back
→ Reduced stunned voice volume
→ Graphical effects added to DAir, NAir, and BAir

King Dedede
→ Hurtboxes removed from hands
→ Head and body hurtbox size reduced
→ UAir final hit has increased knockback growth

Young Link
→ Bombchus can now be reflected
→ Bombchus are no longer invincible when falling off stage
→ Smoke trail effect added to Bombchus

→ DSp hitbox is smaller
→ New graphics for NSp
→ Sleep voice added
→ Pipe enter animations fixed
→ Entry shadows fixed

Giga Bowser
→ Can no longer be grabbed and thrown
→ Turns around slower
→ USp can’t slip off the edge
→ NSp now has unlimited ammo
→ Added correct footstep sound
→ Added stomp SFX to dash
→ Entry shadows fixed

→ Added sleep sound
→ Hides held items when performing a Smash attack
→ CSS and respawn platform use slower idle

→ Item shoot animations and item pickup/drop animations added
→ Shield pose fixed
→ Low-poly held item joint fix

→ Fixed damage animations
→ Reduced sub-bass on Bowser footstep sound

Dr. Mario taunt now has a hitbox

Marina now obtains 4 charges when absorbing Golden Gun shot (previously only gained 1)

Sonic NAir bug fixed

Super Sonic CSS image updated

Character Costumes
→ Yellow costume added for Conker, Dark Samus, Ganondorf, Goemon, Sheik, Slippy, Wolf, and Young Link
→ Yellow costume fixes for classic Sonic
→ Pink costume added for Fox and Pikachu
→ Pajama costume added to Ness
→ Team costumes updated for Goemon
→ ‘NES’ costume for Mario’s shield color set to brown
→ Mario yellow costume stock icon updated

Falco model updated, added low-poly model

Wario clap animation updated

Slippy’s LandingAirB animation changed to Mario’s

Slippy action ID names fixed

Pummeluff (E Jigglypuff) sounds and name texture implemented

Purin (J Jigglypuff) sleep sound corrected

Polygon Dr. Mario announcer call updated

E Link announcer clip sample rate fixed

Marina and King Dedede taunts can now be canceled early with shield

Fixed pipe enter animations for Polygon Wario

Crowd chants added for Dark Samus, Goemon, Mad Piano, Marina, and Conker

Crowd chants updated for King Dedede, Sheik, and Lucas

Crowd chants fixed for J characters

J Donkey Kong and Purin (J Jigglypuff) results text is now accurate

Magnifying glass size updated for Conker, Marth, Mewtwo, King Dedede, Dark Samus, Marina, Wario, Sonic, Poly Marina, Poly Wario, and Poly Sonic

Entry shadows fixed for Mad Piano

Fixed action strings for Captain Falcon, Kirby, Ganondorf, Marina, Poly Dr. Mario, Poly Bowser, Poly Marina, and Poly Lucas

Updated results screen text scaling for: Marina, Dedede, Lucas, Wolf, Conker, Bowser, and Sonic

Lucas and Goemon biographies on Character Data Screen updated


Scuttle Town added

Big Boo’s Haunt added

Dinosaur Land added

Spawned Fear added

Poke Floats added

Big Snowman added

Grim Reaper’s Cavern added, replaces Mementos on SSS
→ Mementos now Remix variant for Grim Reaper’s Cavern

Meta Crystent added as Remix variant for Meta Crystal

Smashville Remix added as Remix variant for Smashville

Battlefield reworked
→ Battlefield DL added as variant

Spiral Mountain reworked

Fountain of Dreams reworked

Castle Siege reworked

Dragon King and Dragon King Remix updated
→ Now uses new Dragon King HUD by default (can change in Stage Settings)

Corneria City clippings and textures updated

Frosty Village item spawns adjusted

Bowser’s Keep rendering issues fixed

Mementos updated

Great Bay updated

Dream Land Omega updated

Yoshi’s Island II, Flat Zone 1 and 2, and Venom graphical improvements

Bowser’s Stadium bombs now flicker before they respawn on stage

Twilight City water physics updated to match Great Bay’s

dataDyne renamed to dataDyne Central
→ AI no longer will attempt to land on taxi when it’s offscreen
→ Smooth background fix

Flat Zone 2 is now a Remix variant of Flat Zone

Dream Land Beta 2 is now a Remix variant of Dream Land Beta 1

Mini Yoshi’s Island is now a Remix variant of Yoshi’s Island

Showdown is now a Remix variant of First Destination

Tournament Stage Select rearranged
→ Page 1 - Viable, Page 2 - Viable, Page 3 - DL Variants (no Hazard)
→ Thumbnails added for some stage variants

Dreamland Only profile fixed: Deku Tree DL and Crateria DL now appear

1P Spawns tweaked for Mad Monster Mansion, Crateria, Bowser’s Keep, Frosty Village

Stage Select Screen HUD updated

Random “Roulette” added to Stage Select screen
→ Activated by pressing C-Down when cursor is on RANDOM

Hitbox+ setting Stage enhancements
→ Corneria jets now visible
→ Rainbow Road now behaves correctly
→ Gym Leader Castle’s Pokeball now visible
→ Deku Tree water now cooperates

Stage Hazard text for ‘Whispy’ and ‘Saffron’ toggles now shows when hovering over respective stages

Various stage backgrounds updated to look better on emulator

Off-screen magnifying glasses adjusted on various stages

Stage profiles updated


Remix Race to the Finish added to Bonus 3 Practice

Gallery mode added in Data menu
→ Press Start to enter Idle mode (all 1P images and music cycle on a timer)
→ Press Start a second time to enter Idle 2 mode (your Random music and matching 1P images cycle on a timer)
→ Press A to skip to next song assigned to 1P image
→ Tilt control stick left and right to fade out and switch to next 1P image
→ Press D-Pad left and right to quickly switch to next 1P image
→ Press L and R to drum. Press Z to change drum sets.
→ Press B to exit

Banjo & Kazooie BTT and BTP added

Polygon BTP updated

King Dedede BTP updated

Remix 1P
→ Banjo & Kazooie incorporated
→ New Stage 4 duels: Mystical Ninjas and Rare Pair
→ New Stage 9 boss: Metal Mario Bros.
→ New Polygons added to Stage 10
→ Mad Piano fight now takes place on Big Boo’s Haunt
→ Remix Race to the Finish stage added as Bonus 3
→ Kirby Team battle now randomizes properly and features new hats
→ Giga Bowser now has stamina on Final Stage, doesn’t flinch when hit

Frosty Village is now a stage option for Conker battles in 1P Modes

Great Bay removed from stage pool in 1P Modes

Training Mode changes
→ Now can paginate custom menu with R/Z
→ Only B closes custom menu
→ DPad Controls toggle added to options
→ Moved music to a single line
→ Added stage background toggle
→ Added CPU teching toggle
→ Added CPU DI toggles (type, strength, direction)
→ Custom Spawn now remembers if character is on ledge
→ Updated DK and C. Falcons names in training mode
→ CPU RNG fix (won’t always be Luigi now)
→ Fixed menu inputs when speed is not 1/1
→ Fixed ledge spawning

High Scores are not saved when gameplay-altering options are enabled
→ Bonus practices and 1P CSS have indicator text when high scores are disabled

Size and Kirby Hat (CSS Panel) options now available in 1P Modes

Handicap (CSS Panel) for CPUs fixed and also applies to Training Mode
→ Handicap setting no longer needs to be turned on for it to function

12 Character Battle UI updated

Proper animation now used when King Dedede is defeated in 12 Character Battle


Dango item added

P-Wing item added

Blue Shell will now always explode when hitting players and has increased kill potential

Fighters no longer build infinite speed during downward plunge caused by Pitfall

SFX added for Cloaking Device pickup and expiration

Pokemon Settings added
→ Select Pokemon SFX: Default / Japanese / Random
→ Select which Pokemon can appear from a Poke Ball item

Pause HUD Legend added (Press R while paused)
→ Shows current playing Music Track and controls

Z Cancel added to Gameplay Settings
→ Options are Disabled / Melee / Auto / Glide Mode

‘No Hitlag’ toggle option added under Hitlag in Gameplay Settings

Spot Dodge in Gameplay Settings updated so that users can’t slip off ledges with it

Air Dodging in Gameplay Settings
→ Added minimum dead zone needed for directional air dodge
→ Can now air dodge after taking damage
→ Ultimate Air Dodge now preserves momentum

Charged Smash Attacks added to Gameplay Settings

Item Container Toggle added to Gameplay Settings
→ Options are Default / Off / Never Explode / Always Explode
→ Affects Crates, Barrels, Capsules, and Eggs

BlastZone Warp BETA* added to Gameplay Settings
→ Options are Left/Right, Top/Bottom, and All

Laugh Track and Egg options added to Punish Failed Z Cancel in Gameplay Settings

DPad CSS Cursor Control added to Remix Settings

PK Thunder Reflect Crash Fix added to Remix Settings

Flash Guard Accessibility feature added to Remix Settings
→ Reduces screen flashing effects when turned on

Screenshake Accessibility feature added to Remix Settings
→ Options are Default / Light / Off
→ May help with motion sensitivity

Dragon King HUD added to Stage Settings
→ Options are Dragon King / All Stages / Off

Adjustments to AI
→ Level 10 AI have high DI (random direction and type)
→ Advanced AI has medium DI (random direction and type)
→ CPU Mad Piano: increased size of DAirr attack detection box
→ CPU Mad Piano won’t do USp as an offensive attack
→ Goemon AI attacks more accurately
→ J Donkey Kong NSp now behaves correctly
→ Purrin, E Jigglypuff, and Poly Marina will not attempt to use USp after jumps used
→ Peppy AI attacks work properly
→ Wolf AI will recover towards center stage
→ Giga Bowser AI won’t chase aerial opponents often
→ Giga Bowser AI won’t dash around
→ Giga Bowser AI attacks more accurately
→ Giga Bowser AI will no longer shield/roll spam
→ Hyrule Castle DL/Omega/SR variants AI fix for dodging tornadoes
→ Mushroom Kingdom Remix AI fix for dropping platforms
→ Yoshi’s Island II AI fix for dropping platforms
→ Great Bay AI check added to turtle when it swims down to aid recovery

Random Character With L toggle moved from CSS Panel to Remix Settings

Default CPU LVL in Remix Settings no longer keeps overwriting CPU LVL settings

Saffron City Pokemon Rate added to Stage Settings
→ Default door timer is 16 seconds, Pokemon timer is 16-32 seconds
→ Super: Pokemon double rate
→ Hyper: Pokemon double rate + door always open
→ Quick Attack: Non-stop Pokemon

Initial Damage Setting added to CSS Panel
→ Only affects first stock in a match

Poison Dmg setting added to CSS Panel
→ Applies constant percent damage every two seconds
→ Options are Low / Med / High / Heal

D-Pad CSS Panel settings revised
→ “Dpad Map” setting tweaked
→ Now Compatible with Training Mode
→ (Active when Training 'DPad Controls' are turned OFF)
→ “Dpad ctrl” setting added
→ Options are Off / Stick Swap / Stickless / Stick Swap J / Stickless J
→ "Stick Swap" switches Dpad and Stick inputs, and can be used in conjunction with “Dpad Map”
→ The "J" options allow for jumping with D-Pad Up
→ Note: when enabled, Z and L button functions are swapped

Banjo & Kazooie, Ebisumaru, and Dragon King options added to Kirby Hat in CSS Panel

Random option added to Kirby Hat in CSS Panel
→ With this enabled, the hat Kirby is wearing will change every stock

??? option (Magic Kirby) added to Kirby Hat in CSS Panel
→ With this enabled, Kirby will always be wearing a magic hat
→ Every time NSp used, the copy attack that’s performed will be random
→ If a charged Nsp is fully charged, the next attack will be the same
→ If a charged Nsp is partially charged, the next attack will be different, but charge level will be stored until death or until attack appears again, at which point charge will resume

Options can now be quickly cycled by holding 'A' on arrows in CSS Panel

Yellow Team now selectable in Team Battle
→ All characters now have assigned Yellow Team colors

Settings menu shortcut added for quick access
→ Activate by holding 'L' on CSS or SSS screen

Can now buffer 'L' to quickly retry Bonus modes upon clearing or failing a stage (without needing to pause)
→ Can also be used in Multiman and HRC

Salty Runback option in Remix Settings fixed

Alternate button combo for Salty Runback added (A + B + Z + R + D-Pad Right)

“Smash Logo” post-match screen transition added

Other Screens added to Settings
→ Quickly access debug, intro, How to Play, credits, and gallery


For full details on music placement, credits, etc. please see:

Frappe Snowland added to Cool, Cool Mountain

Chill added to Dr. Mario

Que Que added to Dr. Mario

Super Mario Bros 2 Boss added as ‘Hurry Up’ track for SMB2 Overworld

Hilltop Chase added to Dream Land Beta 1 and Dream Land Beta 2

Bumper Crop Bump added to Winter Dreamland

Nutty Noon added to Dream Land Omega

Final Boss (Nightmare’s Battle) added to Fountain of Dreams

Dark World added to Temple

Ganon Battle Medley added to Ganon’s Tower

Clock Town added to Great Bay

Opening (Donkey Kong) added to Jungle Japes

Stickerbrush Symphony added to Congo Falls

Yoshi’s Song added to Yoshi’s Island DL/Omega

Vs. Ridley added to Norfair

Gold & Silver Medley added to Pokemon Stadium 2

Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance! added to Big Blue

With Mila’s Divine Protection added to Castle Siege

Vs. Klungo added to Mad Monster Mansion; replaces Horror Manor

Title Theme added to Smashville; Wild World Title Theme moved to Smashville Remix

Ashley’s Theme added to WarioWare, Inc.

Plantation added to Tower of Heaven

U.N. Owen Was Her? added to Tower of Heaven

Boss Encounter added to Melrode

Fight Against Monsters added to Melrode

Character Select (Jet Force Gemini) added to Rith Essa

Talent Studio Medley added to N64

Roll’s Theme added to Glacial River

Credits (Brawl) added to First Destination

Little Fugue added to Showdown

Traveling added to Fray’s Stage

The Aloof Soldier added to Mystical Ninjas R1P duo battle

Battle Against a Dangerous Foe added to PSI Rockers R1P duo battle

Pika Cup Battles 1-3 added to Pocket Monsters R1P duo battle

Wizpig Challenge added to Rare Pair R1P duo battle

Gallery Mode default theme added (can also listen to it in Sound Test)

Conker The King Reprise added to Gallery Mode (Conker’s victory image)

Music reworked or improved
→ Sloprano
→ Koopa’s Theme (SM64)
→ Spiral Mountain
→ Main Theme (Banjo-Kazooie)
→ Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms
→ K. Rool’s Acid Punk
→ Clock Tower
→ Yoshi’s Tale
→ Live and Learn
→ dataDyne Central: Defection
→ Sonic 2 Boss
→ Sonic 2 Special Stage
→ Sonic CD Special Stage
→ Final Destination (Brawl)
→ DK Rap
→ Jungle Japes (Melee)
→ Brinstar Depths

Menu music added
→ SM64 File Select
→ Blast Corps
→ Status (Mario Tennis)
→ Brawl Menu (reworked)
→ Diddy Kong Racing
→ Mario Kart 64
→ Board Shop (Snowboard Kids)
→ Play A Minigame (Mario Party)
→ Talent Studio Medley (Mario Artist: Talent Studio)

Targets! now properly plays as an alt track on Sheik, Marina, and King Dedede BTP

King Dedede bonus stages now feature Bumper Crop Bump as an alt track

Random options added Menu Music in Music Settings
→ Random (Menu Music)
→ Random Classics (non-Smash Menu music)
→ Random All (this respects Random Music Toggles ON/OFF state)

Bowser’s Theme renamed to Koopa’s Theme

Bowser’s Road renamed to Koopa’s Road

Ultimate Bowser renamed to Ultimate Koopa

Cradle renamed to Antenna Cradle

Yoshi’s Island Athletic Theme renamed to Obstacle Course

Red and Blue Medley renamed to Red & Blue Medley

Mushroom Kingdom 30 seconds ‘Hurry Up!’ Music respects current track
→ Doesn’t override if different song is playing
→ If the track is playing on another stage, ‘Hurry Up!’ will still occur

QWatch no longer restarts when backing out of CSS

Staff Picks, Fresh Jams, and Slappers music profiles updated

Added a early damage call to Pokemon Stadium announcer setting

Handle Menu Music 'OFF' when exiting Settings submenu

Fixed Random Music not functioning as intended during the Master Hand battle

Fixed loop point on Remix piano instrument

Piano instrument improved

Fixed bend range of remix instruments


Remix characters and stages can now show up on VS demo screens

Text added to Settings to inform players about L button shortcut from CSS and SSS

Can now use L and R to quickly browse through Sound Test (increments of 50)

Combo meter fixed for ThrownFoxFStart, ThrownFoxBm, Action.0xB4? player actions

Support for multiple Remix stage variants added

Save/SRAM issues fixed on console

Increased SRAM space by optimizing vanilla functions

Magnifying glass bug when Sandbag on-screen fixed

‘&’ added to Vs results screen font

If user on 1P screen unplugs controller, other ports can now press B to exit CSS

Random SFX no longer play on character Bio screens

‘You Are Proud’ 1P image updated

Smash Remix title screen logo updated

Credits updated

Filename: Super Smash Bros. (USA).z64
CRC-32: eb97929e
SHA-1: e2929e10fccc0aa84e5776227e798abc07cedabf
Project Leader – The_Smashfather
Designer and Gameplay Developer – Fray
Developer – MarioReincarnate
Developer – Cyjorg
Developer – halofactory
Lead Artist – Sope!
Lead Musician – Pringles
Animation and Model Import Specialist – Subdrag
Moveset Designer – Honey
Lead Tester - goombapatrol
Lead Tester - CMM1215
Installation Specialist – CEnnis91

• Retro64
• Sope!
• Likiji123
• Fray
• Pik
• dshaynie
• Garrett Atwood
• Adrian Garcia
• M-1
• TheQuickSlash
• Jay6T4
• HeronNobody
• halofactory

• Sope!
• Retro64
• Connor Rentz
• Colonel Birdstrong
• Jay6T4
• Likiji123
• Pik
• Gael Romo
• TheQuickSlash
• Pringles
• 1upShyguy

• Sope!
• Fray
• Coolguy
• Super4ng
• dshaynie
• Retro64
• MrLuigi001
• SushiiZ
• BlazingFireOmega
• PrufStudent
• Zeozen
• M-1
• Meekal
• halofactory
• TheQuickSlash
• Pringles

• TT
• MyNewSoundtrack
• PablosCorner
• Sope!
• Retro64
• Coffee
• mosky2000
• Jay6T4
• PurpleFreezer
• Pun
• Fray
• TheQuickSlash
• Pringles
• TheMrIron2
• UnforseenUplink
• supa
• halofactory
• 1upShyGuy

Stage Designers
• BridGurrr
• Jay6T4
• Plaehni
• farcry15
• smb123w64gb
• Sope!
• Fray
• Snooplax
• Sixty Four
• M-1
• Retro64
• TheQuickSlash
• ownsoldier
• halofactory
• Pringles
• HeronNobody

Voice Artists
• Zarkpudd
• Puma Pet
• Pringles
• TheMrIron2

• Qapples
• Smb123w64gb
• FaxMeApplejuice
• goombapatrol
• VetriTheRetri

Video Design Team
• Darkhorse
• dshaynie
• Fray
• Sope!
• TheQuickSlash
• Retro64
• Pringles
• HeronNobody

• Madao
• DannySsB
• tehz
• Carnivorous
• CrookedPoe/Clockwise
• CrashOveride
• Kaki
• Katakiri
• Aqua MIDI
• Uncle Punch
• Cjag
• SilverJake
• Ploaj

• Abnormal Adept
• Darkhorse
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• minymidge
• Stevie G
• Luigidoed
• Hyper64
• Dogs_Johnson
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• phreshguy
• measTHEbeast
• Xrmy
• Q!
• Raychu
• Pluto
• The Yid
• Wololo
• wookiee-alex
• thelordoflight
• farcry15
• Mimimax
• Pluto
• kyleglor
• Revan
• Big Red
• Bamboo
• cobr
• Dr. D
• Andykins
• Loz
• jonnjonn
• Kaki
• Maafia
• SushiiZ
• JaimeHR
• MojoMonkey
• DannySsB
• Vidya James
• SuperSqank
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• JeyKeyAr
• Razz
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• KM
• fruitman
• baby caweb
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• Shalaka
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• Lowww
• beta
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• Maciaga
• pecosix
• PKStickThing
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• LesbianChemicalPlant
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• Indefa
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• חלקלקToad
• MissingNo.
• Wiseacre
• Pringles
• EG
• Gooby
• Nax
• Papamark
• swooce
• microwaved hotdogs
• G-Rabbit
• luigit0ilet

Original Sequencing Musical Credits

King Meteor
Joo *Johnnyz* Buaes
Sonic SBL
Matas Pealoza
Ryland Fallon
Jonathan Shen
Dave Phaneuf
Sean Bee
Insane Apu
Chibi Vegito
Dentelle (D. Stphanie)
David Alberto
Dr. Fruitcake
Ethan Williams
Kirby of Doom
Susan Carriere, A. R. C. T.
[email protected]
Josh "Dicaeopolis" Porter
Mark Jansen
anthony bouchereau
Joe Cortez
William Borges
Blue Warrior
dY Shock
Sebastian Kingsley
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