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Rocket Robot on Wheels – Rocket Shuts The Hell Up (Nintendo 64) Romhack

Hack Name: Rocket Robot on Wheels - Rocket Shuts The Hell Up
Released by:
Status: In-Progress
Patch Version: 420.69a
Last updated: December 19, 2023
Type of Hack: SFX
Downloads: 18

Rocket: Robot on Wheels is a cool game, but there's a few awful horrible no-good repetitive sound effects that become really grating over time. The "Rocket Shuts the Hell Up" patch does the following:

  • Rocket's "Whoo-hoo!" vocalization during double-jumps has been removed (This is the big one).
  • The awful "swish" sound that happens when adjusting the camera with the C-buttons has been removed.
  • The "Get Health" sound effect has been slightly reduced in volume (Shit was loud).

All other sound effects are untouched.

If you really really hate Rocket's vocalizations, there's also a "Rocket Shuts the FUCK Up" patch that removes every single one of Rocket’s vocalizations, making the little bastard mute forever. This approach is a little heavy-handed, though - It feels kinda weird to play a platformer with no jump sound.

Rocket is a great game, and now it can be enjoyed without those little audio microaggressions. Have a good time!

PS: This is for the US version only right now, sorry. Maybe one day. I'll mark this as "In progress" until then.


  • v420.69 - Initial release
  • v420.69a - Bugfix to "Rocket Shuts the FUCK Up": Rocket no longer vocalizes when hurt (he has no mouth, so he mustn't scream).
Filename: Rocket - Robot on Wheels (USA).z64
CRC-32: e0399f23
SHA-1: 622d71a44da0b81ea68092cac9198c66154a4f4a
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Sorry for the inconvenience.
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