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Kid Icarus Randomizer (NES) Romhack

Hack Name: Kid Icarus Randomizer
Hack of:
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.0.8
Last updated: August 16, 2022
Type of Hack: Gameplay, Levels, Other
Downloads: 18

Kid Randomicus: Pure ROM Kid Icarus randomizer

Randomizes several features of Kid Icarus. This is essentially ROM hack that implements the website based Kid Icarus Randomizer developed by Rumbleminze and FruitBatSalad.

Each platforming level is randomized upon initial load, including which screens are in the level, doors, enemies, and items.

For the fortresses a path is generated so that they should be completable from any room that you can get to. This does not count going into the corner of a room that is a dead-end in and of itself, so don’t go anywhere that you shouldn’t =)

Specifically this game randomizes:

  • The screens in the scrolling levels. These will normally be randomized every load, which means it’ll change on death, but the seed can be fixed via the password screen (see next note)
  • Doors in World 1, World 2 & World 3. There’s no guarantee on the number or types of rooms you’ll find, other than the game will not spawn strength upgrade rooms in world 1 if you already have a strength of +1 or higher. It will not spawn them in world 2 if you have a strength of +3 or higher.
  • Fortresses - These are randomized once per playthrough, so if you die they will always remain the same. The fortresses get longer as the game goes on, with 1-4 being 32 rooms, 2-4 being 40 rooms, and 3-4 being 48 rooms.
  • Enemies in Fortresses - If you see Eggplant Wizards be careful! There might not be a hospital!
  • World 4 screens and enemies

Additional Quality of Life Patches:

  • Removed the hidden score requirement for upgrade rooms
  • Adjusted prices in shops and black markets to be more reasonable
  • Pencil, Map, and Torch functionality are enabled by default in the fortresses so that you can find your way in the new mazes
  • The pause screen will show a “seed” value for the current level. This is helpful for if you run into something that shouldn’t happen, Rumbleminze can recreate the same level to investigate

Updated Title Screen & Credits to shout out the people that have contributed to the randomizer to help make this happen

  • Hammers now do more damage, they are a viable alternative if you happen to not find strength upgrades.

Things removed:

  • Centurions in Fortresses - their default placement would sometimes block exits, so they’ve been removed

Setting your desired seed You can choose your starting seed, and prevent the platforming levels from re-randomizing on death by entering a password on the title screen that starts with KI and has anything in the next 4 characters.

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