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Harmony of Dissonance – Localization Fix (Game Boy Advance) Romhack

Hack Name: Harmony Of Dissonance - Localization Fix
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.02
Last updated: February 4, 2018
Type of Hack: Text
Downloads: 5

This patch was made to (hopefully) clear up a number of localization issues that have existed in the English game text for years, mostly regarding enemy/item names and descriptions. Refer to the readme file for a more detailed run-down of all the changes that have been made.

Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance (USA).gba - NOINTRO
CRC32: 88C1B562
MD5: EA589465486D15E91BA94165C8024B55
SHA-1: B90DA0D9BE0B3A0893CD9E2C399056BCF9579E21
SHA-256: 85E0A40DE22783BADBBC95D6BCAD68A3A25D0916C4111956213F8281358A61DB
 Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - Localization Fix ------------------------------------------------------- By spiffy ( This hack was made to clear up a number of localization issues that have existed in the English game text for years. I'm not a native or fluent Japanese speaker, so I had to rely on a wide variety of sources as well as very judicious use of online dictionaries and translators (knowing full well the pitfalls of solely relying on such things without taking into account the surrounding context or proper sentence structure). I've almost certainly made some massive mistakes somewhere, so please feel free to correct me via reviews, PM or what have you. Changelog & Updates --------------------- - v1.0 - initial release (22/1/2018) - v1.01 - changed 'Shinobi Mantle' to 'Ninja Mantle' (23/1/2018) - v1.02 - replaced one instance of the term 'Vampire Hunter' with 'Vampire Killer' during the conversation with Maxim in Castle A's Sky Walkway and decapitalized all remaining instances of the term (like it is in all other games), changed 'Lamel Coat' to 'Lamellar Coat', overhauled some text formatting/spacing for certain menus and item descriptions, altered descriptions for 'Hide Gloves' and 'Hide Greaves' to refer to animal skins rather than leather specifically. Also added a few extra mentions to the list of acknowledgements and special thanks (4/2/2018) How to Apply -------------- Simply apply the IPS patch to a clean rom of the US version of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (CRC32: 88C1B562) using any IPS patching utility (e.g. Lunar IPS - Changes ----------- ENEMY NAMES: #02 - Tiny Slime (プチスライム) -> Mini Slime (lit. 'Petit Slime', but changed to match with 'Mini Devil' and also to complement the renamed 'Max Slimer' boss) #07 - Fleaman (のみ男) -> Flea Man #07 - Bone Soldier (スケルトンソルジャー) -> Skeleton Soldier #11 - Large Ghost (ビッグぼうれい) -> Giant Ghost (lit. 'Big Ghost', but changed to keep consistent with Almagest's AOS Fix 2 and my other upcoming DS Castlevania hacks) #16 - White Dragon Lv2 (スクリュードラゴン) -> Screw Dragon #21 - Big Skeleton (だいがいこつ) -> Giant Skeleton (lit. 'Big Skeleton', but changed to keep consistent with later games' tendency to use 'Giant' instead) #22 - Flying Bone (フライングスケルトン) -> Flying Skeleton #28 - Bone Thrower (スローマスター) -> Throw Master #33 - Tiny Devil (プチデビル) -> Mini Devil (lit. 'Petit Devil', but changed to match up with translation used in later games) #36 - Man-eater (しょくじんばな)-> Man-Eating Plant (lit. 'Man-Eating Flower', but exceeds the 16 character limit) #44 - Bone Archer (アーチャースケルトン) -> Skeleton Archer (lit. 'Archer Skeleton', but switched the order to maintain consistency with the nomenclature of the 'Skeleton' enemy sub-type) #49 - Fishman (フィッシュマン) -> Fish Man #50 - Arabaki (アラハバキ) -> Arahabaki ( #54 - Boomerang Armor (スケイルアーマー) -> Scale Armor #56 - Max Slimer (スライマキシム) -> Maxi Slime (to complement renamed 'Tiny Slime' enemy, also closer to Japanese name, lit. 'Slymaxim') #57 - Fleaman Armor (アーマードのみ男) -> Armored Flea Man #60 - White Dragon Lv3 (ボーンナーガ) -> Bone Naga #68 - Legion (saint) [レギオン・セイント] -> Legion (Saint) #71 - Bone Liquid (スケルトンリキッド) -> Skeleton Liquid #85 - Legion (corpse) [レギオン・ムクロ] -> Legion (Corpse) #93 - Clear Bone (すけるトン) -> Skeleton Clear (Japanese is a pun on 'skeleton' - 'スケルトン' - and clear - '透ける', which obviously can't be as elegantly conveyed in English, so therefore made it a subset of the Skeleton enemy-type) #94 - Jp Bonepillar (くしざしほねばしら) -> Bone Skewer (lit. 'Skewered Bone Pillar', but exceeds the 16 character limit) #95 - Simon Wraith (死門) -> Hellmont (Japanese is a pun on 'Shimon' - the Japanese spelling of Simon's name - and '死門' - 'Gate of Death'. Harmony of Despair used the absolutely PERFECT localisation of 'Hellmont', so I went ahead and nicked it for myself) ITEMS - Elixir (エクスポーション) -> X-Potion - Big Mana Prism (ハイマナプリズム) -> High Mana Prism - Drumstick (にく) -> Meat - Turkey (おおきいにく) -> Large Meat - Anti-Venom (アンチドゥテ) -> Antidote - Uncurse Potion (アンカース) -> Uncurse - Medicine Jar (むてきのつぼ) -> Invincible Jar - Invincible Jar (desc.): "Contains medicine that makes you invincible at a set time." -> "Contains medicine that makes you invincible for a limited time." (altered to read less awkwardly) - Lure Key (desc.): "Opens the door that gives off a golden hue." -> "Opens doors that give off a golden hue" (there is more than one yellow glowing door in the game) - Floodgate Key (desc.): "Enter the lion's cross in the cavern." -> "Offer me to the lion's cross in the lower caverns" (closer to the Japanese) - Hint Card 3 (desc.): "Kneel before the round gate to be taken to a different place." -> "Look upwards to shift between the two layers, look downwards to..." (closer to Japanese, doesn't just hand you the solution) - Hint Card 5 (desc.): "They say there is a book with the power to summon monsters." -> "They say that the black book has the power to summon monsters" (closer to the Japanese) - Hint Card 6 (desc.): "The red book and the Dagger share a secret" -> "The red book and the Knife share a secret" ('Knife' was mistakenly translated as 'Dagger') - Noon Star (desc.): "Can only be seen at night." -> "Though no one can see it, it still shines brightly" (closer to the Japanese) WHIP UPGRADES - Bullet Tip (クリストファーソウル) -> Christopher Soul (lit. 'Christopher Soul', but 'Christopher's Soul' or 'Soul of Christopher' both exceed the 16 character limit) ARMOR (BODY) - Rubber Armor (ラバープレート) -> Rubber Plate - Cloth Tunic (つきのよろい) -> Cloth Armor (not the same 'Cloth Tunic' from SOTN and AoS due to its different name and sprite) - Fire Mail (フレイムアーマー) -> Flame Armor - Plate Mail (プレートアーマー) - Plate Armor - Sun Armor (たいようのよろい) -> Solar Armor - Moon Armor (つきのよろい) -> Lunar Armor - Heal Armor (ヒールウォーカー) -> Heal Walker - Casual Wear (ふだんぎ) -> Casual Clothes (to match with later games) - Summer Clothes (うすでのふく) -> Thin Clothes - Loose Clothing (みかわしのふく) - Evasion Clothes - Ramail Coat (ラメールコート) -> Lamellar Coat - Noble Robe (きぞくのふく) -> Noble Clothes (closer to the Japanese, corresponds with 'Casual/Thin Clothes') - Mystical Robe (ミスティックローブ) -> Mystic Robe (closer to the Japanese, matches with 'Mystic Brooch') - Lightning Robe (いかづちのほうい) -> Thunder Robe (closer to the Japanese, specific elemental attribute is referred to as 'Thunder' in most Castlevania games - NOTE: all subsequent instances of the term 'lightning' have been reverted to 'thunder' to reflect this) - War Fatigues (コンバットスーツ) -> Combat Suit ARMOR (HEAD) - Fancy Bandana (バンダナ) -> Bandana - Sturdy Turban (ターバン) -> Turban - Plain Circlet (サークレット) -> Circlet - Leather Cap (かわのぼうし) -> Hide Cap - Greek Helm (コリントしきかぶと) -> Corinthian Helm (lit. 'Corinthian-style Helmet') - Face-Guard (フェイスガード) -> Face Guard - Piros Helm (ピロス) -> Pilos ( - Barbuta (バービュート) -> Barbute ('Barbuta' is an acceptable alternative [] but the katakana specifically spells out 'Barbute') - Barrel Helmet (バレルヘルム) -> Barrel Helm - Iron Helmet (アイアンヘルム) -> Iron Helm - Full Helmet (フルヘルム) -> Full Helm - Pot Helm (ロブスタテイルポット) -> Lobster Tail Pot ( - Gold Headband (こんじきのとうかん) -> Golden Crown - Gold Headband (desc.): "A headband made of gold" -> "Circular head ornament made from pure gold" ('pure gold' is a bit of an embellishment, but a literal translation is somewhat dry and redundant, reading something like "Ring/loop made from gold that is worn/placed on the head") GOODS - JB's Bracelet (ジュストのうでわ) -> Juste's Bracelet - MK's Bracelet (マクシームのうでわ) -> Maxim's Bracelet - Leather Gloves (かわのてぶくろ) -> Hide Gloves - Steel Glove (はがねのこて) -> Steel Gauntlet - Shin Guards (かわのすねあて) -> Hide Greaves - Floating Boots (レビテーションブーツ) -> Levitation Boots - Infinite Boots (むげんのシューズ) -> Infinity Shoes - Silk Cloak (きぬのケープ) -> Silk Cape - Velvet Cloak (ビロードのマント) -> Velvet Mantle - Emerald Cloak (しんりょくのマント) -> Verdure Mantle - Wind Cloak (しっぷうのマント) -> Wind Mantle - Crimson Cloak (シンクのマント) -> Crimson Mantle - Ninja Cloak (しのびのマント) -> Ninja Mantle - Twilight Cloak (しっこくのクローク) -> Jet Black Cloak (literally specified as a cloak, also has its own unique sprite compared to the other mantles) - Silver Bangle (ぎんのうでわ) -> Silver Bracelet - Crested Band (もんしょうのうでわ) -> Crested Bracelet - Magic Necklace (マジカルネックレス) -> Magical Necklace (closer to Japanese, matches with 'Magical Armor') - Greed Amulet (ごうよくのくびかざり) -> Greed Necklace - Cipher's Charm (サイファのすいしょう) -> Sypha's Crystal (restored reference to CVIII's Sypha Belnades) - Logoth's Ring (ロゴスリング) -> Logos Ring - Night Goggles (やみよのメガネ) -> Night Glasses (lit. 'Dark Night Glasses') SPELL BOOKS - Bolt Book (いかづちのまどうしょ) -> Thunder Book (lit. 'Thunder Magic Book' - see 'Thunder Robe' item above to read my justification for replacing 'Lightning/Bolt' with 'Thunder', even though the former may be more factually/semantically accurate) RELICS - Lizard Tail (やもりのしっぽ) -> Gecko Tail (the relic itself is even shaped like a gecko) - Griffin's Wing (グリフォンのつばさ) -> Griffin Wing (to match the naming format of the other 'ability' relics) - Eye of Vlad (ドラキュラの目) -> Dracula's Eye - Heart of Vlad (ドラキュラのしんぞう) -> Dracula's Heart - Rib of Vlad (ドラキュラのアバラ) -> Dracula's Rib - Nail of Vlad (ドラキュラのツメ) -> Dracula's Nail - Fang of Vlad (ドラキュラのキバ) -> Dracula's Fang - Vlad's Ring (ドラキュラのゆびわ) -> Dracula's Ring SUB-WEAPONS - Holy Book (聖書) -> Bible COLLECTABLES - Chandelier (ごうかなシャンデリア) -> Grand Chandelier ('opulent' wouldn't fit, so went with 'grand' instead) - Chandelier (desc.): "Said to have been used by royalty. It has an interesting history." -> "A stately chandelier once said to have been used in some royal palace." (closer to the Japanese) - Tall Clock (大どけい) -> Big Clock - Tall Clock (desc.): "Bought the morning your granddad was born. Still keeps perfect time." -> "Bought the morning your grandfather was born. Now, it sits motionless." (completely opposite meaning in Japanese, Simon always formally referred to by Juste as 'grandfather') - Wizard's Urn (まじんのつぼ) -> Genie Bottle (lit. 'Genie Vase' - item is a reference to 'The Genie Family' - - Teacup (desc.): "With a sip of tea from this cup, you can join the clan" -> "With a sip of tea from this cup, you too can become an aristocrat" ('貴族' denotes nobility or the aristocracy in general, not a specific house or clan) - Wine Glass (desc.) -> "A beautiful wine glass for elegant evenings with friends" -> "Crucial for staging a lovely evening. Makes a beautiful sound when struck" (katakana lit. reads 'marvelous' instead of 'lovely', but space was very limited) - Smiling Statue (めがみのちょうぞう) -> Goddess Statue - Raccoon Figure (タヌキのおきもの) -> Tanuki Figure ( - Candleholder (ぎんのしょくだい) -> S Candlestick ('Silver Candlestick' exceeds 16 character limit, periods aren't displayed in HUD) - Candleholder (desc.): "A silver candlestick for elegant evenings with friends." -> A silver candlestick. Indispensable for staging a gorgeous evening." (closer to the Japanese) - Candlestick (きんのしょくだい) -> G Candlestick ('Gold Candlestick' exceeds 16 character limit, periods aren't displayed in HUD) - Candlestick (desc.): "A gold candlestick for elegant evenings with friends." -> "A gold candlestick. Indispensable for staging a marvelous evening." (closer to the Japanese) - Castle Drawing (あくまじょうのかいが) -> Castle Painting - King-size Bed (キングサイズベッド) -> King Size Bed DIALOGUE - Several lines have been altered to more accurately reflect the Japanese script. While this doesn't dramatically change the meaning of the actual story, several minor plot points such as the nature of Maxim's possession, the creation and nature of the two castles, and Death's plan to complete both Maxim's possession and the two castles are all made slightly clearer. While the story isn't all that complex, a few odd translation choices make some aspects seem more nebulous and convoluted than they need to be. Acknowledgements & Special Thanks ----------------------------------- - LagoLunatic (, creator of the DSVania Editor ( - BFrayne, author of the White Night Concerto English Translation Guide available on Gamefaqs (, from which I derived many of my dialogue alterations. - Schlave, whose Harmony of Dissonance Guide on Gamefaqs ( helped me settle on a number of enemy and item translations, including 'Bone Skewer'. - AstroBlue, whose Concerto of the Midnight Sun Item Translation Guide ( was also a massive help in completing this hack. - Midna (, for answering some of my translation queries. - enigmaopoeia (, for answering some of my translation queries. - The Castlevania Wiki (, whose sheer wealth of encyclopedic Castlevania-related information I found myself referring to and cross-referencing almost constantly. - Clear Feathers' Japanese Castlevania website ( Copyrights ----------- Akumajou Densetsu, Castlevania, and all other names are trademarked to Konami of Japan.
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