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Final Fight One: Redux Edition (Game Boy Advance) Romhack

Hack Name: Final Fight One: Redux Edition
Released by:
Status: In-Progress
Patch Version: 3.0
Last updated: November 22, 2023
Type of Hack: Bug Fix, Gameplay, Graphics, Levels, Music, SFX, Text
Downloads: 52

This hack changes and fixes a bunch of things, to make it more like its arcade counterpart.

Here's what it does to it so far:

Changes most of the colors, to make it look more like its arcade counterpart.
Changes Rolento's sprites, to the ones from Final Fight 2.
Changes Jessica's TV sprite, to look more like her uncensored arcade counterpart.
Changes Jessica's sprite in the Stage 1 intro, to look more like her SNES counterpart.
Gives Slash his afro hair, to look more like his arcade counterpart.
Fixes the graphic where Damnd is now holding Jessica in the intro of stage 1.
Fixes the graphic on both basement entrances in stage 1.
Fixes the stem of the bar sign in stage 3.
Restores all the missing animated background frames in stage 3.
Gives the first part of stage 4 its correct music track.
Makes the second bonus stage appear after stage 4, instead of stage 5.
Replaces Dug with Bred in the first bonus stage, to make it more like its arcade counterpart.
Restores the missing crowd that were suppose to appear in the last part of stage 3.
Changes the character select screen of the Alpha characters, to the one from the international versions.
Restores the original arcade behavior of the every 200,000 points system, now you'll get your first extra life at 100,000 and you'll get another one at 300,000.
Pitches down all the music tracks and sound samples, to make them sound more like the ones from the arcade version.
Translates all text to English.

Final Fight One (Japan).gba
SHA-1: 3A0FA85187AA7C20842ABEB1A6CBC11B21131B2C
CRC32: C9E5E223
SCD - Hacking
rainponcho - Hacking
h3rmit - Hacking
Mister Man - Hacking
Blade133bo - Graphics
Kensuyjin33 - Graphics
PrimeOP - Graphics
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