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Doom SNES MSU-1 (SNES) Romhack

Hack Name: Doom SNES MSU-1
Hack of:
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.2
Last updated: June 30, 2024
Type of Hack: Gameplay, Music
Downloads: 189

Doom SNES with MSU-1 audio!

This adds CD quality music via the MSU-1 expansion chip.
The tracklist has been replaced with that of the original PC version, so every level has its proper music now!
This hack also adds circlestrafing and the ability to start any episode on any difficulty.
See the README in the included zip for setup instructions.

Version 1.1 adjusts the start time of MSU-1 track playback to line up with the original SPC700 music. (music starts when level is done loading now)

Version 1.2 rewrites the track loading code to ensure a better experience when playing the game on real hardware using an SD2SNES/FXPak Pro.

Filename: Doom (USA).sfc
CRC-32: 9e85ea6
SHA-1: 736b9b994f506de0893ceb181f942739da089b05
Randy Linden - Programming Doom for SNES and releasing the source code, making this hack possible
Sunlit - MSU-1 implementation
Monika - Programming assistance and moral support
CrispyBuns - Real hardware testing
xttl - Original circlestrafing code
qwertymodo - MSUPCM++ PCM audio creation tool (
RHDO Note: Since we got hit by the Google Core March update negatively. Readme's will no longer be rendered here.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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15 days ago

I’m glad I was able to help test this hack on real hardware!

Pixel Artventures
22 days ago

Nice job, thanks!