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Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack) (Nintendo DS) Romhack

Hack Name: Castlevania: Dawn Of Dignity (new Portraits Hack)
Released by:
Status: Complete
Patch Version: 1.1
Last updated: April 10, 2021
Type of Hack: Bug Fix, Graphics
Downloads: 7

Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity is part of a dual project called Castlevania: Choir of Redemption, which aims to give proper gothic artwork to both Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin.

The main focus for Dawn of Dignity is a graphical hack for Dawn of Sorrow which attempts to get rid of the generic anime-like artstyle that plagued 2/3 of the NDS Castlevanias, in favor of a much more akin artstyle to that of Ayami Kojima to keep consistency with the overall artstyle of the franchise, and also, keep it in line with Aria of Sorrow.

This hack implements different artworks, including official artwork for games releases after Dawn of Sorrow, as well as completely new artwork courtesy of’s user acediez. Be sure to check out his DeviantArt page to see the full new artwork he made for this project!

The graphical changes were made mostly to the portraits found in game for the characters, as well as HUD portraits, and icons which had some sort of anime-like imagery.

File: 0121 - Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow (U)(Legacy).nds
Length: 67,108,864 Bytes (67.1 MB)
CRC32: 135737f6
MD5: cc0f25b8 783fb83c b4588d1c 111bdc18
SHA1: 47530ff8 7e608f88 105a314f df36dc38 5f8dec94
acediez: General and original artwork
DarkSamus993: Sprite and palette offsets
JohannGralog: Original project and artwork contribution
Justin3009: Artwork contribution
ShadowOne333: Project leader and main hacking
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