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After a Decade in The Works… Super Mario Kart – Horizons Finally Releases!

Super Mario Kart - Horizons is a comprehensive hack of the original game that sets off to provide new and familiar experiences to fans of the classic title! This hack has been meticulously crafted, with fine attention to detail in every change, aiming to deliver a unique and high-quality experience.

SMK - Horizons Features:

  • 20 New Race Tracks & 4 New Battle Tracks: Each track has been thoroughly tested to ensure playability and attention to detail, making every track feel unique.
  • 7 Brand New Themes and Revamped Rainbow Road: Custom graphics elevate the look and feel of the game, providing a fresh visual experience.
  • Brand New Soundtrack: Composed from the ground up to complement the new themes and the revamped look of the game.
  • Unlockable Content: Unlock new modes such as Mirror Mode and a higher difficulty for an added challenge.

And many more changes... Be sure to check out the release page at RHDO for more information!



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19 days ago

Just played a little and used the BSNES HD emulator. Sure there are sprite popin/popout.. but man the widescreen hehe!